Accelerate Your Future Workplace with Microsoft Teams

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Accelerate Your Future Workplace with Microsoft Teams (Part 1)

Accelerate Your Future Workplace with Microsoft Teams (Part 1)

Microsoft announced Skype for Business Online is set to retire in July 2021 - meaning all companies using SfB Online must transition to Teams by this time.

Teams is an incredibly powerful tool. Companies across the world are becoming more agile, shortening cycle times, improving the efficiency of key workflows, and cutting out unnecessary overhead. Even so, with this recent announcement, the flexibility to “go at your own pace” has been stripped away and organizations have been forced into a timeline to transition. Moving from a more archaic instant messaging model to a workstream collaboration tool could be a challenging change for your end-users. Understanding the roadmap to Teams and carefully designing your transition is critical; not only for your employees but for reducing downtime during the user adoption phase and ensuring business productivity is not impacted. Join us on as our Unified Communications experts, dive into the scope of this announcement, how it impacts you and how to begin preparing your workforce.

We’ll cover:

  • What to expect and ways you may be impacted by this change
  • How to manage your journey from Skype for Business Online to Teams
  • How to encourage your employees to use and get the most out of Teams
  • Major business benefits of Teams
  • The essentials for building a roadmap based on business process and workflows