Cybersecurity Update October-November 2020

October/November 2020

Cyber Security Update

Cyber Security Update October-November 2020

SoftwareONE believes there is a need for additional information when it comes to cybersecurity, as organizations have made it clear that investment in a proper security strategy is paramount. SoftwareONE’s monthly Cyber Threat Bulletin provides updates on the most recent threats, the latest breaches and how to react to them in order to stay on top of malware and ransomware threats.

Stay Ahead Of Cyber Threats – October-November Bulletin

Cybersecurity warriors are in short supply these days. According to (ISC)², 2.8 million professionals work in cybersecurity globally, but the industry would need another 4 million trained workers in order to properly defend organizations and close the skills gap. Moreover, it’s only getting worse: a survey of 256 cybersecurity professionals reported that half have been taken off their typical security duties to assist with other tasks, including supporting employees affected by Covid-19-related work-from-home policies. The result is what you would expect. The past months have been a boon for hackers, cybercriminals, and other malicious actors. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) reports a 63 percent increase in cyberattacks related to the pandemic.

Data Breaches Are On The Rise

Since the pandemic has forced companies to move their business operations to remote, there has been a significant increase in the number of data breaches. In 82% of breaches, attackers take just minutes to compromise a system and 63% of confirmed breaches were due to weak, default or stolen passwords. Once breached, attackers can linger for days within the system.

Cybercriminals are currently exploiting the pandemic to initiate extremely advanced cyber-attacks on any potential industry. During the first six months of 2020, different Fortune 500 businesses were already the victim of major data breaches and hackers sold account credentials, sensitive data, confidential and financial records from cybercriminal platforms.

However, a data breach doesn’t strike only large enterprises. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries need to be prepared, as you can see from these latest attacks where hackers (mostly successfully) tried to steal personal data:

Data Breach Defense and Prevention Resources

The cybersecurity industry is going through a difficult time. A huge skills gap exists, and hiring, training, and recruitment efforts are still years away from fruition. At the same time, the pandemic is pulling cybersecurity professionals away from their core responsibilities – leaving organizations vulnerable to malicious actors. SoftwareONE´s expert team closes these security gaps by assisting your security team with monitoring user actions, reducing the number of alerts they must process, and helping to avoid alert fatigue.

Also, allocating time, energy and money to properly train existing employees can be just as beneficial as hiring new security professionals. Check out our Cybersecurity Awareness Resources to help your employees with cyber awareness. Further, we regularly monitor and report current threats and attacks to prepare your business for any cyber threat that might arise. We have collected recent data breaches, cyber threats and awareness news in our October-November Cyber Threat Bulletin.

Get your copy here and keep yourself up-to-date.

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Bala Sathunathan

Bala Sethunathan

Director, Security Practice & CISO


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