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ITAM and Sustainability

Sustainability is an enterprise-wide imperative


ITAM and Sustainability

In an ever-evolving world of technology, sustainability is not just a passing fad, but a set of principles that every organisation needs to implement and embed in their daily operations to balance the needs of today without compromising our ability to meet the needs of the future.

Improved oversight of IT assets and services, consumption, costs and environmental performance delivers immediate financial benefits and reduces long-term business and reputational risk.

Increased regulation and corporate disclosure requirements now mandate detailed reporting on emissions, not only for scope 1 and 2, but also scope 3. Organisations need to comply with the legislation taking effect from 1st January 2024. The entire IT value chain is now under the spotlight.

Emissions and The IT Value Chain

Scope 1: Direct emissions from assets owned by the organisation

Scope 2: Direct emissions from energy purchased by the organisation

Scope 3: Indirect emissions from third-parties and leased assets and services that make up the entire value chain


Sustainability is not a one-time solitary endeavour, but an enterprise-wide imperative driven by collaboration and continuous improvement and build on solid data, technology and IT practices. The key to a successful transition is setting science-based targets, aligning with relevant stakeholders and customers and reliably driving and assuring your organisation’s and suppliers sustainability performance.

It demands the creation of a well-defined programme that integrates all functional domains, guided by clear policy and direction aligned with both global and local legislation and the corporate strategy.

Regardless of where you are in your ESG journey, SoftwareOne is well-equipped to assist your organisation in recognising the vital role of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and the value it adds to Sustainability. We can guide your company in comprehending how IT can effectively advance and empower your ESG goals. Furthermore, we can aid you in identifying and incorporating solutions and best practices throughout your IT portfolio and value chain, ensuring adherence to new regulations, and expediting your organisation's journey toward a sustainable future.

Optimising the impact of IT is key to a greener future

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    IT’s average contribution to scope 1 and 2 emissions is now a staggering 26%.

    Source: Forrester Consulting, 2023

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    ICT global energy consumption is between 1.8% to 2.8%, growing 6% per year.

    Source: The Shift Project, 2021

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    Green market spend from 2023 to 2050 will total 300 trillion Euro.

    Source: Forrester’s Green Market Forecast, 2023

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    Sustainability is the new Digital.

    Source: Gartner, 2023

Sustainability challenges are ITAM opportunities

Aligning science-based targets (SBTI) and emerging legislation, e.g. CSRD, with corporate and IT Sustainability strategies and KPIs, is an urgent priority and difficult collaboration challenge.

We aid in identifying crucial IT goals and strategies, developing effective policies, standards, and practices to streamline collaboration, operationalise sustainability objectives, and enhance IT performance, all while recognising the vital role of IT Asset Management (ITAM) in ESG.

Measuring and managing the energy used and environmental impact of hardware, software and cloud across the entire IT asset lifecycle to inform emissions optimisation strategies is onerous.

Our ITAM and FinOps services give you the data and insights you need to measure and manage the environmental impacts of your technology consumption, track your emissions, avoid waste and accelerate the adoption of renewables.

Visibility, quality and integration of IT and ESG data across the value chain is the fundamental challenge being leveed on IT to enable compliance and transformation.

We help you to identify and integrate best in class tooling and data management processes to bring visibility to your IT Value Chain, feed your ESG data lake and elevate your data management and reporting capabilities to achieve compliance and enable informed optimisation decisions.

Sustainable business requires the optimisation of IT resources and integration of ESG requirements and carbon avoidance practices into everyday business and IT operations processes.

Our IT portfolio management and responsible procurement practices help you consolidate and optimise your IT and Cloud portfolios, adopting lean architecture and lifecycle practices that eliminate waste from the outset. We help integrate your sustainability requirements into your IT organisation and vendor contracts, giving you complete assurance over your digital supply chain.

Understanding the materiality of IT sustainability and technology initiatives to the long-term value of the business and creating and monitoring the case for investment, is an enduring C-level priority.

Our consultants are focused on delivering tangible returns and are experts in supporting our customers analyse the need for technology investment, assessing the ROI and identifying priority solutions that deliver the most impact and value for your business.

Limited awareness and understanding within IT and the wider business is often a barrier for catalysing the behavioural, and cultural change needed for sustainable business transformation.

Our proven adoption and change management approach works with your people wherever they are at to connect and engage them on your journey and enable a step-change in ITAM and IT Sustainability maturity.


A holistic approach to sustainability

Now more than ever IT Leaders have a pivotal role to play in achieving Sustainability and there are significant opportunities for ITAM, FinOps, Procurement and Supply Chain practitioners to make a real difference both in their respective areas, as well as across their organisations. SoftwareOne remains committed to leading ITAM and IT Sustainability best practice and guidance and fostering innovation and industry collaboration.

Through our advisory services our customers benefit from expert support at every step in their IT Sustainability journey.


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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.