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Your journey to the cloud 

Cloud computing is driving digital transformation. Some organisations are right at the start of the journey, exploring their options & how it might benefit their business. Some are ready to make the move, migrating servers and workloads to the cloud. Others have already made the move and are now looking for ways to optimize their cloud investment. And then there are those innovating with data modernisation, transforming their business with the cloud.

Join SoftwareONE for a series of Cloud Journey webinars – sign up to them all, or just for the stage you are at in the journey. We’ve also pulled together an extensive range of additional resources to help you master the cloud.

No matter where you are, we’re with you every step of the way.


Webinar 1: Evaluate – watch on-demand

You are at the start of the cloud journey. You are evaluating your options and want to ensure you have taken the correct steps and selected the best cloud platform before making the move.

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This webinar is for organisations at the start of the cloud journey and will cover:

  • Why leverage Public Cloud
  • Customer challenges
  • Cloud adoption framework
  • Customer scenarios

How to master your cloud migration

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Webinar 2: Migrate – watch on-demand

You’re ready to migrate. But first you need to declutter, create a roadmap and set up governance to ensure you can control your cloud costs down the line.

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For organisations ready to migrate workloads to the cloud. We’ll cover:

  • What stops or slows the move to the Cloud?
  • Migration expertise
  • Cloud roadmap
  • Understanding governance
  • Cloud cost control
  • Business as usual (BAU): I have moved a workload to the Cloud, what now?

Manage AWS

Webinar 3: Manage your AWS cloud – watch on-demand

You have moved to an AWS or multi-cloud environment and now want to optimize and manage it well to ensure costs stay under control so that you have the time to deliver innovative digital transformation projects.

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For organisations with workloads in AWS, we’ll be covering:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Visibility
  • Governance
  • Cost Optimisation

Manage budget and spend in a multi-cloud environment

Keeping control of your spend in the cloud can be a challenge. This infographic explains how to do it.

Read Infographic

Manage Azure

Webinar 4: Manage your Azure cloud – watch on-demand

You have moved to an Azure or multi-cloud environment and now want to optimize and manage it well to ensure costs stay under control and that you have the time to deliver innovative digital transformation projects.

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For organisations with workloads in Azure, we’ll be covering:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Visibility
  • Governance
  • Cost Optimisation

Visibility & Control of Your Cloud Spend

The cloud is vast. Your budget is limited. What's your plan?

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Webinar 5: How to secure your cloud environment - watch on-demand

One of the biggest concerns organisations have when moving to the cloud is how to ensure it is secure. It’s a critical consideration from the outset.

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Securing your cloud environment is a key consideration regardless of stage you’re at. In this webinar, Trend Micro will team up with SoftwareONE to discuss:

  • Security challenges in the cloud
  • Shared responsibilities across the customer and cloud provider
  • Stopping advanced threats and protecting vulnerabilities
  • The growing requirements for speed and automation
  • Putting in place security and compliance controls above and beyond the responsibility of the cloud provider

Who’s responsible for the data in the cloud?

It’s important to know where the responsibility for cloud security lies. Find out more here.

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Webinar 6: Innovating in the cloud – watch on-demand

Once you are managing your cloud environment well, you can turn your attention to projects that will truly transform the way your organisation operates.

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In this final installment, we look at how some organisations are using the cloud to modernise their data platform with Azure.

  • Why modernise your data estate? A customer perspective 
  • The data migration triggers
  • Customer examples including timelines and TCO value
  • Migration options, migration tools & frameworks
  • Security considerations
  • Azure hybrid use benefit -what is it & how can it help?

AWS Lambda modernizes Hunter tracking application

Find out how Hunter Vehicle tracking used AWS for a mission critical application.

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SoftwareONE can help

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Maximize the Value of Azure

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Cloud Management Services

Managed Cloud Services

SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud brings together the people, process and technology to optimize your cloud initiatives.


Managed Security Services

SoftwareONE’s Managed Security services provides proactive protection from today’s security threats while enhancing compliance.


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