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Public sector software procurement simplified

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Technology solutions for government

Federal, state, or local government, schools or hospitals, police, justice or public infrastructure providers, all public sector organisations face tight budgets and growing demand for secure digital work environments. They need advice when choosing the right software, right-sizing licence agreements, and managing cloud migration and optimisation. Our teams help public entities deliver stringent compliance and governance aligned with the highest industry standards.

SoftwareOne Public Sector Services break contracting gridlock, helping public sector customers assess technology, select the right software and cloud services for their needs, and purchase through relevant frameworks. We can design, build, deploy and manage your cloud solution.

Technology expertise you can trust

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    Access to 7,500+ software publishers

    Rely on our advice on your specific sector needs and help in negotiating the best price and terms available for your procurement framework.

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    Unbeatable technology expertise

    From IT assessment to building, deploying, and managing applications, our public sector experts assist at every step in your project.

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    Ongoing contract management

    We manage co-operative and single-agency government contracts to simplify initial agreements and streamline renewals.

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    Certified hyperscaler solutions

    We are a Microsoft Azure global strategic partner and have earned Azure Expert MSP, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and Google Cloud Premier Partner status to support your cloud-first strategy.

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    Secure, compliant solutions

    We provide stringent security with compliance assessment programs to reduce risk and shadow IT usage.

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Partners in performance

Give your team time for innovation. SoftwareOne experts can handle any step in your project. We bring an average of 15 years of experience to your project, filling skill gaps for resource-strapped IT teams or taking over critical tasks on an ongoing basis. We welcome the opportunity to make a proposal.

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Frameworks for simplifying your procurement process

Every country operates public sector buying frameworks to make purchasing a consistent and transparent process. SoftwareOne is registered with most frameworks around the world. We deliver three decades of experience in managing framework purchasing. In the UK, SoftwareOne is an accredited member of the following frameworks.


Crown Commercial Service

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is appointed by government to save money for the public sector and the taxpayer, and to improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity. In order to do this, CCS implements and manages a range of procurement frameworks. There are several IT-related frameworks, on which trusted suppliers are awarded a place. Public sector organisations can then use these frameworks to run their procurement simply and efficiently, only giving access to those suppliers who can offer the best value and quality.

  • RM6068 – Technology Products and Services (TePAS)
    • Lot 1 - Hardware & Software & Associated Services
    • Lot 2 - Hardware and Associated Services
    • Lot 3 - Software and Associated Services
  • RM3733 Technology Products 2 Framework
    • Lot 1 - Hardware
    • Lot 2 – Software
    • Lot 3 – Combined Hardware and Software Solutions
    • Lot 6 – Catalogue
  • RM3804 Technology Services Framework
    • Lot 1 - Technology Strategy & Services Design,
    • Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group a – End User Services,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group b - Operational Management Services,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group c - Technical Management,
    • Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group d - Application and Data Management
    • Lot 4a- Programmes and Large Projects – Official
    • Lot 4b - Programmes and Large Projects – Above Official
  • RM1557 G-Cloud
    • Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting
    • Lot 2 – Cloud Software
    • Lot 3 – Cloud Support
  • RM1043 Digital Outcomes and Specialists
    • Lot 1 – Digital Outcomes


Kent Commercial Services (KCS) / Central Buying Consortium (CBC) – Formerly Pro5


National Procurement Service Wales


Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium Framework (SUPC)




Essex County Council

  • Software Supply Framework available to public sector bodies


Queen Elizabeth Hospital / QE Procurement

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.