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Going the Distance with FinOps

If you’re unsure of your organization’s cloud financial management maturity, listen to our on-demand webinar. Our experts provide tips on how to evaluate that maturity, get started with FinOps, and maximize every dollar spent in the cloud.

AWS Migration Priorities in a Post-Pandemic World

Join the virtual SoftwareONE and AWS roundtable to learn how you speed up your migration engine to increase your business efficiency, reduce business risks and optimize costs to expand into new business growth areas.

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Securing remote workers with Microsoft 365

Cyber-threats have risen dramatically with the rapid increase in remote working. This webinar for CISOs and IT Decision Makers outlines the security features in Microsoft 365 across all license levels to protect remote workers for the long term.

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Modern data protection needs and COVID‑19 impact

COVID‑19 has had an extraordinary effect on IT strategy efforts, with over 50% of organizations accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. However, in turn, this is putting severe pressure on legacy IT and creating a higher backup…

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Cloud Cost Optimisation: a holistic approach

When it comes to cloud spend, costs can easily spiral out of control. That is, unless you take the two-sided approach of right-costing and right-sizing your cloud environment. Join us for this webinar to learn how to do this and take back control.


4 Things to Think About Before Your Next Oracle Renewal

May 31st, 2021 marks the close of Oracle’s fiscal year. For many Oracle customers it’s likely that your organisation will be impacted – potentially positively and/or negatively. We’ll tell how you to manage your engagement.