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Get Maximum Value from Your Technology Investment

Do you want to become the TechSpend legend in your organization? Whether you’re in procurement, IT or finance, taking control of your tech spend is critical. We call this commercial transformation. It’s a pivotal part of the digital transformation journey.

Our job is to help you prove the value of IT back into the organization. There are many ways you can do this and we’ve identified some of the key challenges and opportunities facing our customers when it comes to their tech spend:

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Facts from the market


actual measured amount of wasted public cloud resources

Right Scale, State of the Cloud Report


of organizations don’t have automated license tracking and reporting

SAMS Europe & USA Survey Report


cost reductions by enterprises that implement software asset management

Gartner, Using IT Asset Management to Ensure Software compliance


of organizations say they’re immature in optimizing software license spend

Flexera State of Tech Trend Report, 2020


of executives say the pandemic has fast-tracked plans to upgrade and automate sourcing and supplier management

Harvard Business Review, Managing Procurement Risk Study, 2020

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We’ve collated a selection of on-demand and live webinars to help you learn how to get maximum value from your IT investment, regardless of your challenge.

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Businessman looking at Oracle logo

4 Things to Think About Before Your Next Oracle Renewal

Have you recently received your Oracle renewal notice? Concerned about getting audited? Want to reduce your spend and your risk?

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Businessman jumping in the air and pointing at SAP logo

Accelerate Your SAP Optimization Journey

SAP is mission critical for many businesses and it often takes up the biggest chunk of an IT budget. You need to optimize your SAP license spend by understanding what assets you have.

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Businessman looking for something in his documents and Microsoft logo

Maximize the Value from Your Microsoft Agreement

Want to know how to maximize the value of your Microsoft investment? Get help in choosing the right Microsoft technology, with the right contract, at the right price.

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Businessman celebrating on a chair next to Cloud Cost Optimization logo

Take Control of Your Cloud Spend

Are you spending more than $10k per month in the cloud? Whether it’s Azure or AWS, we show you how to reduce your cloud spend two ways: right-costing (optimising your cloud licenses) and right-sizing (optimising your cloud consumption).

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Businessman jumping in the air and pointing at SLM Diagnostic and SLM Cost Take-Out logos

Identifying Cost Savings to Drive ROI

Learn how our Diagnostic & Cost Take Out tools help you identify where you can get better return on your IT investment. Get greater insights into your tech spend to make better decisions & bigger savings.

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Businessman hovering over Cloud FinOps Diagnostic logo

FinOps: What it is & Why You Need It

To really get control of your cloud spend, you need IT, finance and the C-suite in the same room, working together seamlessly. IT should help drive the organisation’s revenue. FinOps makes this possible.

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