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SAP licensing rules and cost management are as complex as they are challenging. Our specialists offer clarity and visibility by helping you design and implement a SAP software strategy that maximizes the value of your investment, and reduces compliance risk.

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Never again be caught unawares by an SAP audit. With increased audit activity from SAP, enjoy peace of mind through clear guidance and analysis.

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SoftwareONE has a global footprint.
Wherever you are, and however large your company, our specialists will deliver a cohesive, structured plan, specific to your needs.

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You no longer have to guess what SAP is going to do. We’re specialists in SAP licensing, asset management, and contract optimization

Quick SAP insights

  • SAP is the 3rd largest publisher in the world.  
  • SAP audits customers frequently
  • Their terms of usage management are highly complex 
  • Companies find it hard keep up with administration of their SAP assessment, so when an audit is enforced, they regularly need guidance

Latest industry news and topics

SAP has released a brand new Digital Access Adoption Program

Understand if SAP’s new Digital Access Adoption Program could benefit your organization without speaking to SAP. Obtain fully independent expert advice, speak to SoftwareONE today.

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SAP Advisory Services

Take back control with SoftwareONE’s SAP Advisory Services


See How Clients Profit

Customer profile SoftwareONE Service
Energy 50,000 users Total Usage Assessment;
Strategic Negotiation  Support                         
USD$32m shelfware was identified. We then negotiated a new contract to allow for exchange rights
Insurance 10,000 users

SAP Compliance  Assessment We identified $11m shelfware and $10m compliance risk. Software One performed re-classification exercises to reduce this to $1m.
Automotive 12,000 users Indirect Usage Deep Dive Analysis We undertook an Indirect Usage Impact Assessment and identified USD$5m Shelf ware. We discovered how to reduce the number of users  considered to be indirectly using third party applications by a count of 5,889 people prior to audit results submission.
 Mining &
Minerals  2,500 users
 SAP Compliance  Assessment   Reduced NUL non-compliance from AUD$20m to zero via deactivation and re-classification and optimisation measures

Industry leading SAP advice and support

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Indirect Access

SAP’s view is that every use of SAP Software, whether direct or indirect, requires a license. But there’s a lot of confusion around the subject, and as it’s the number one focus for SAP audits – you can’t afford to get it wrong. We offer clear advice, reducing exposure and confusion.


By 2025, SAP has said that all customers must migrate to S/4Hana, their next generation Business Suite. As a result there’s a lot of confusion around the change. At the forefront of the industry, our specialists review each customer's specific requirements and give you the clarity and bespoke guidance you need.


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