Cloud Blast

Accelerate your Modernization Journey

Cloud Blast – Accelerate your Modernization Journey

Is your cloud transformation not as fast as you would like it to be? The benefits of cloud computing are well known, yet many organizations are struggling with indecision about which apps to move to the cloud vs which to modernize. For others, once in the cloud, they struggle to demonstrate real return on their investment fast enough.

We held Cloud Blast, a virtual summit, to tackle these challenges. Add your email to get the recordings of four 30-minutes sessions:

  1. An overview of cloud adoption today and where your priorities should be going forward – with Alex Hilton, CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum and Gordon Davey, SoftwareONE’s Global business owner of cloud professional services.

  2. For those new to the cloud, escape decision paralysis by unpicking the ‘App Conundrum’ - learn which apps to modernize vs migrate and accelerate your cloud journey – with Geoff Davies, founder of Appscore and Gordon Davey

  3. For more advanced cloud users, explore FinOps and learn how to optimize cloud spend and manage accountability to rapidly show meaningful return on your cloud investment, including insights from Julien Kuijpers who set up and ran FinOps for one of the world’s most recognizable luxury fashion brands. Plus advice from Rhys Williams, a SoftwareONE FinOps specialist.

  4. Hear from a panel of cloud experts on what’s coming next in cloud and how to tackle cloud challenges experienced by many, led by Andy Dunbar, SoftwareONE’s Services Director for UK, Ireland, South Africa and the Nordics.