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Have You Future-Proofed Your SAP Contract?

From being aware of new SAP audting practices to right-szing your contract for the cloud – don’t miss out on how to shape your future SAP commercials.

Start Saving on Your Oracle Support Costs

Many customers sign their contract renewals with Oracle in May every year and the technical support renewal comes with a 4% increase. In our experience, it’s possible to avoid paying this increase. Join our interactive session to find out how…

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Debunking the Myths of Moving SAP Workloads to AWS

Join AWS and SoftwareONE where we will address key considerations and misconceptions to help you create your SAP cloud strategy.

IT Cost Optimisation Strategies for 2022

IT Cost Optimisation Strategies for 2022

This webinar will be especially useful for professionals that are the IT budget holders, have responsibility for making and influencing IT investments and want to improve cost optimisation and efficiencies. Don’t miss out!


6 Ways to Strengthen Your Nonprofit’s Approach to Cybersecurity

When you’re an NPO on a mission, you don’t have time to be set back by major threats and costly security breaches. Hear from solution experts from TSI and SoftwareONE to learn how your nonprofit can strengthen the security of your organization.

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Microsoft Price Increase

You've heard that Microsoft has announced pricing changes, but what does it mean for you and your business? And can you do anything about it?