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Att förflytta sig från en köp-sälj-relation med sin leverantör

I denna första del av en webinarserie på två, kommer vi att belysa fördelarna med att ha ett strategiskt och långsiktigt samarbete med en enda mjukvaruleverantör.

Virtual Summit: Digital Inclusion & Accessibility

Virtual Summit: Digital Inclusion & Accessibility

Digital inclusion & accessibility are paramount to guaranteeing that all individuals can work effectively. Organizations should strive to make IT accessible no matter the challenge an individual may face. Find out what’s key!

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (03): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365

In this session we will be focusing on driving value and how to reach sustain success of your adoption strategy. Learn more about how to maintain the momentum and building upon your success for planning the initial launch of M365 to your business.

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (02): How to Train Your M365 User Champions

Explore how to build and launch your individual M365 pre-adoption plan, including a look at your real launch and how you make sure to involve your early adopters as well before rolling out an organization-wide launch plan.

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (01): How to Drive Your Microsoft 365 Adoption

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or you are planning to onboard new features of Microsoft's productivity suite, this series helps you to plan, develop and design your adoption strategy. Part 1 will help you to envision your future state.

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