Data Backup and Recovery

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Digital Workplace Backup and Recovery Services

Give your teams the confidence to work anywhere without fear of data loss and the resulting compliance headaches. A robust backup practice built on BackupSimple powered by Metallic prepares your organisation to keep data compliant, recover quickly and restore operations after natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and accidental or malicious deletion of files.

SoftwareOne Digital Workplace Backup and Recovery Services takes on your backup burden. We provide guided onboarding, ongoing monitoring, and management of complex workload backups, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce in Azure and hybrid cloud environments.

Data loss doesn’t have to give you nightmares

The rapid transformation of work creates opportunities for improved productivity but comes with increased risk of data loss. Our backup and data compliance experts help teams focus on their work with confidence regardless of where they are or the sensitivity of the data they manage. Even in a crisis, count on SoftwareOne to manage high-severity tickets on your behalf so you can focus on internal priorities.


Work is changing, is your backup strategy ready?

  • 58%

    of U.S. workers–92 million people–report having the option to work from home

    Source: Gartner, July 2022

  • 81%

    of organisations believe security is a challenge

    Source: Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 2021

  • 75%

    of organisations say lack of expertise and resources is a top challenge

    Source: Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 2021

Enjoy everyday confidence, be prepared for a rapid response in a crisis

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    Reduce effort and complexity

    Turn-key 360º monitoring of all your environments' backup status from a single console.

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    Improve security and compliance

    Enterprise-grade, zero-trust access controls for air-gapped backups to isolate data.

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    Faster backup and recovery

    Automated alerts and backups with flexible restore options from isolated data copies.

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    Optimise operational costs

    Our dedicated success manager works to eliminate unnecessary costs and contracts.

SoftwareOne backup expert insights

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    Data protection trends in the age of managed backup

    Managed backup is growing in popularity as the challenges of data protection rise. Understand these emerging trends to better protect your data in the age of 24/7 security threats and remote work.

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    Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

    Get a detailed look at some of the typical use case scenarios within Microsoft 365 (M365) that could cause the loss of your business data and learn more about why you should implement a data backup & recovery plan.

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