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The way we work is changing. By 2020, Microsoft predicts that 72% of workers will be working remotely while 80% of employee time will be spent collaborating. Microsoft 365 provides the collaborative tools, artificial intelligence and security features to make the modern workplace a reality for people of all abilities. So what’s the problem?

User adoption and change management!

The adoption of technology - and the change required to support modern working - is one of the biggest challenges organizations currently face. It’s no longer just about technology, it’s about people and lasting behavioral change.

Understand the Level of Adoption of Microsoft 365

SoftwareONE has a raft of services to help you onboard, inspire, train and support your team to ramp up technology adoption & drive real organizational change. Get the SoftwareONE Research Report: Adopt365 – Making the modern workplace a reality.

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Become an Adopt365 Expert

Our on-demand videos webinars will take you through the key steps to drive adoption of the technology you are investing in: Envision, Onboard & Drive Value. Learn why it’s time to move to Teams and discover the potential of the Microsoft 365 security features.

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (01): How to Drive Your Microsoft 365 Adoption

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or you are planning to onboard new features of Microsoft's productivity suite, this series helps you to plan, develop and design your adoption strategy. Part 1 will help you to envision your future state.

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Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (02): How to Train Your M365 User Champions

Explore how to build and launch your individual M365 pre-adoption plan, including a look at your real launch and how you make sure to involve your early adopters as well before rolling out an organization-wide launch plan.

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Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (03): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365

In this session we will be focusing on driving value and how to reach sustain success of your adoption strategy. Learn more about how to maintain the momentum and building upon your success for planning the initial launch of M365 to your business.

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Accessibility for all

A truly modern workplace caters for employees of all abilities, whether its mental health, physical disabilities, mobility issues, neurodiversity or learning difficulties.

Accessibility is no longer optional. It’s a strategic business imperative. Microsoft 365 provides built in tools and features to ensure that all employees are able to work productively.

Man in a wheelchair communicates during in a business meeting

Ready to Take the Next Step?

VIEW Workshops

Book a VIEW workshop in which we inspire you and your users with the potential Microsoft 365 has to offer. Content is customised to your needs and can vary in length from a few hours to a full day.

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Change Management

Driving organisational change and encouraging different end user behaviours will determine true digital transformation. Our Global Service Academy team provides change management plans, roll out and adoption training.

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User Productivity Advisor

Discovery Sessions

Learn more about our user productivity solutions and book a business discovery session, in which we work with you to create a roadmap based on your existing capabilities and future needs.

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Microsoft 365 Made Simple With 365Simple

365Simple is our suite of managed services for organizations who need ongoing support, productivity & cost optimization, workload management & a dedicated service manager to help you get the most out of your Microsoft investment.

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Managed Security for M365

Our Managed 365 Security service enables your organization to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on Microsoft 365 security investments.

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Optimizing your M365 Investment

Get our ebook on what to do once you’ve migrated to Microsoft 365.

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