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Tools to make you work smarter. Not harder.

Tools to make you work smarter. Not harder.


Collaboration and Productivity

The modern workplace has led to a huge array of software tools to drive productivity and collaboration, no matter where people work. Teams are under pressure to achieve more, faster. The tools they use - whether it’s GenAI, project management, collaboration tools, or unified communications systems - can make the difference to the results they achieve and their job satisfaction. Given the demand to attract and retain talent, it’s imperative that employees have the software they need to work effortlessly and successfully.

SoftwareOne partners with over 7,500 software vendors including a myriad of collaboration and productivity tools. SoftwareOne has a 30-year partnership with the world’s number one productivity software provider, Microsoft. We resell and manage more than $22 billion Microsoft licenses and provide the backbone to more than 175 million Office 365 users around the world. We’re also a Google Cloud Partner with Workplace specialisations. Whatever your productivity platform, we cover it.

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Buying ready to use business applications is one way to go. SoftwareOne also builds cloud-native applications from the ground up, offers application development, application security and DevOps services to help you make your business achieve more for less.


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