Remote work has driven organizations to rapidly implement new technologies. But a lack of training, non-existent processes or the wrong technology can cause employees to fall behind — or motivate them to find a new job.

Combat employee burnout

The state of remote work


of employees are more burned out today compared to a year ago


of companies accelerated digitization during COVID-19


of professionals expect remote work to become the new standard


of IT decision-makers say remote work increases risk of security breach


The new digital workplace can breed unproductivity and employee burnout

When organizations use technology inefficiently or adopt new technology without adequate training, productivity lags and work hours multiply. Burnout can accelerate as a result of:

  • Layers of technology: Different modes of unconnected applications force workers to multi-task.
  • Mundane tasks: Without automation or streamlined processes, trivial work bogs down employees.
  • Security gaps: Large amounts of fluid data force employees to take on remote security management. 


Navigate your IT reality and power growth with streamlined processes

Organizations can keep up with the demands of hybrid work, mitigate unnecessary workloads and retain employees with:

  • Hyper automation: Reduce repetitive, mundane tasks to help employees focus on more meaningful initiatives
  • Security services: Protect data remotely and secure assets without affecting end-user access.
  • App modernization and training: Simplify processes and build agile environments to boost productivity.
  • Critical workload migration: Accelerate digital transformation and reduce cloud waste by right-costing and right-sizing.

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Unified communications and collaboration

Unified communications and collaboration

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