Can you hear me? Ensure communication channels with UCNext

Can you hear me? Ensure communication channels with UCNext

When a virus first came to our attention in March of last year, few could have imagined the impact it would have on our lives. COVID-19 literally turned everything upside down that we had taken for granted. If you will, from one day to the next, nothing was the way we knew it, be it restrictions in travel, the private sphere or even in the working world. The latter created a digitalization surge virtually overnight, which in response to the pandemic situation, confronted millions of companies worldwide with the challenge of converting to remote and hybrid working. SoftwareONE's employees were not spared: I still remember the time of the first lockdown, when I could watch my colleagues in our office from the window loading their IT equipment into cars so that they could work from their home offices.

Unified Communications in the digital rush 

Even before this time of course, a colorful bouquet of digital tools existed, virtually unimagined possibilities regarding the workplace of the future. COVID has only accelerated this rapidly. And not every company had the capacity, focus or required expertise to adapt to this shift at the same speed. Some interesting data on this: In the fall of 2020, Microsoft 365 users worldwide spent more than 500 million hours in a single day on Teams - communicating, collaborating and co-creating content. The number of active Teams users rose in parallel to 115 million users - daily.

Working from a home office has become the new standard and yet many challenges are still not solved, be it homeschooling, closed daycare centers or non-existent retreats when more than one person has to organize. If the technology fails and makes collaboration impossible, the stress factor moves into unimagined spheres. 

However, hybrid work is the future. People want more flexibility and a work model that gives them the freedom to work when and where they want. But there are still some challenges to overcome on the way there. 

The Future Workplace with SoftwareONE Support

We at SoftwareONE have therefore taken a closer look at these challenges for companies and their employees and developed a support model that can flexibly adapt to the speed of digitization in companies. To do this, we took a closer look at the various deployment scenarios and developed corresponding support modules. The result is UCNext.

UCNext – a support model for all cases

UCNext is a modular support model that takes a closer look at the individual components of real-time communication, i.e. the software and hardware, devices and the network. Only when all these aspects interact, the user can expect a trouble-free and optimal communication service. In most cases, third-party technologies are also involved, which ultimately lead to complex interoperability problems with products from multiple vendors. 

Here is an overview of what is behind the modules: 


With TEAM CARE, we exclusively consider communication scenarios that take place in the M365 world. In addition to the classic topics such as instant messaging or peer-to-peer telephony, we also cover the services that run under Phone System. This includes all components that affect software-based communication in the context of Microsoft 365.


At MEET CARE, the focus is on the meeting room with its special requirements. In doing so, we ensure the smooth use of conference room solutions. This includes all sizes and virtually all common manufacturers, including peripheral equipment such as cameras or microphones.


VOICE CARE focuses on the components of a real-time communications solution that enables PSTN functionalities. Connectivity to traditional exchange lines or analog devices such as common area phones or two-way stations at barriers or elevators requires special third-party technology to link the worlds. Here, we have chosen the provider AudioCodes and, with our expert knowledge, are able to fully cover their hardware and services on the operational side.


Last but not least, with ANALYTICS CARE we use the tools supplied with the 365 environment and, if necessary, third-party solutions to put your network to the test. In this way, we monitor and control the most important framework parameters for real-time communication and, if necessary, work on a solution even before the users notice any restrictions. This relieves your service desk and creates satisfied users.

Final Thoughts

In a personal consultation we explain the structure, the contents and the suitable modules also for your requirements. Our experts are going to show you how the customized support model for teams, voice, conferencing and analytics can also drive communication in your company.

Teams, Voice, Conferencing – Your customized support model with UCNext

Do you need help managing your communications infrastructure? Then contact us directly and learn more about the support that adapts modularly to your requirements.

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