SoftwareOne Integrity Line

Your Voice Matters at SoftwareOne

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Integrity Line

At SoftwareOne, we prioritize attentive listening and maintain a keen awareness of the happenings in our organization. To uphold this commitment, we have the Integrity Line, a dedicated reporting channel, designed for anyone associated with SoftwareOne to report discrepancies or concerns.

It offers a secure, confidential, and anonymous platform to report misconduct, ethical violations, or behaviours that contravene our company values. This channel is pivotal in identifying and addressing non-compliance issues and bringing to light any actions that defy our Code of Conduct.

Access Integrity Line

External reporting hotline

In addition to our Integrity Line, SoftwareOne offers an external reporting hotline dedicated to external stakeholders. The call is provided at no cost for calls made within the country.

You can reach the hotline at the following numbers:

The hotline offers multi-language support and it is operational 24/7. Our offices are open 8am – 5pm CET, Monday to Friday. Please note that the telephone hotline does not offer customer service.