IT Emergency Support

Ad-hoc IT support during downtimes

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IT Emergency Support

Your IT infrastructure can easily fail, even with ample budget and perfectly configured systems. From cybercrime to malware, a variety of threats can quickly result in the dreaded downtime, especially when several unfortunate factors coincide. This is an economic risk feared by any company. Other possible consequences include reputational damage, loss of trust and legal consequences.

Immediate IT assistance

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Are you facing an acute IT emergency and need support quickly? We provide immediate assistance. You can call our IT emergency support directly and without obligation. Our emergency experts will analyse your request and provide you with a cost estimate.

Your lifebelt from SoftwareOne

SoftwareOne’s IT emergency support provides you with support on Microsoft. We mobilise the experts you need to solve your problem immediately, both globally and locally. You get help from our support specialists who deal with the toughest cases every day and find the right solutions for your needs. What this means for you in an emergency is this:
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    Access to specialists

    We contact the appropriate specialists for you to solve your request.

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    Top priority

    We give you top priority for your emergency Microsoft support needs.

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    Billing at cost

    You only pay for what you use and for proactive services if and when required.

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of IT emergency support. In principle, the services are available to companies ranging from small start-ups to global players. The key factor is the threat of a disruptive incident that puts the business at risk. This can happen to any business, regardless of size – just like a lightning strike.

No – the offer includes all Microsoft product lines and services. In addition to Office 365 and Azure, this also includes the classic on-premises technologies that are still essential for our customers.

IT emergency support is not an insurance policy you pay for on a regular basis in order to receive a service in the event of a claim, but a service that can be requested at any time and that only incurs costs when used. By the way, it can also and especially be requested when the unexpected damage, i.e. the IT incident, has already occurred - unlike fire insurance, which cannot be requested when there is a fire.

What distinguishes emergency IT support from normal support services?
Services are not defined in advance, but are based on the actual nature of the disruption. Of course, it is also possible to analyse potential risks in advance and to define appropriate preventive measures.

SoftwareOne provides Microsoft Premium Support for partners.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.