Acrobat DC

New features for efficient workflows and mobile working

Acrobat DC: New features for efficient workflows and mobile working

With the fall update, Adobe integrates many new features into Acrobat and the Document Cloud. This furthers their cause to drive the change from manual, paper-based processes to 100% digital. Focus is on improved collaboration, mobile working and the reduction of e-mail traffic through leaner workflows, supported by cloud-based services and machine learning.

Review features help reduce release loops

Adobe streamlines its content review processes with one of the most important new features for Acrobat DC. Any number of reviewers can now collaborate, work on, and share documents. It's easy to track who has read, edited, or commented on documents across devices.

If there are questions during reading or editing, you can simply leave comments with @mentions in the document. Acrobat will invite the persons immediately and enable simultaneous real-time processing in the document. With automatic reminders, you can now obtain the necessary approvals on time.

This eliminates countless e-mails and release loops throughout the entire process. There is now only one master copy of documents instead of many different processing statuses. This significantly improves the workflow and minimizes errors.

Stay on top of important approvals with the new start page

A completely redesigned home screen is now available in the desktop version of Acrobat DC, the Acrobat Reader Mobile App and the brand new Web App within the Document Cloud. This acts as a one-stop shop for all activities related to PDF documents and provides an overview of status updates for incoming and outgoing tasks. For example, you can see shared documents that have been sent to you for review or that require your signature. Critical approvals are always in view and can be responded to from anywhere - whether you need to review a report on your phone, edit a suggestion on your tablet, or add comments to a presentation in your browser.

Fig. 1: The new Acrobat DC home page, source: Adobe

The new home screen also helps pin important files  and keep themn close to hand by simply marking them with a star. This works in other applications as well, e.g. with e-mails and photos. Favorites stored this way in the Document Cloud are easy to find and available on all devices. In addition, you can now search within the Document Cloud for the contents of multiple PDF files.

Smart scanning and filling out forms

With Adobe Scan, business cards are quickly scanned and transferred to your address book. Automatic recognition is now available in five new languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The artificial intelligence behind Adobe Sensei recognizes contact information such as name, email, and phone number. The scanning and recognition of several business cards at once is also possible with contact creation.

Adobe Sensei also assists in the recognition of form fields on your paper documents. With Acrobat DC Desktop, Acrobat Reader Mobile, and the Document Cloud Web App, you can quickly complete and sign forms. Field type, size, and position are analyzed, so users can easily tap content and enter text without having to manually align or change tools.

Clean up PDFs immediately and remove creases, wrinkles, dirt, or stains with the new clean up tool in Adobe Scan. Similar to Photoshop or Lightroom, it removes flaws and polishes the background to pure white.

Manipulate and sign on mobile devices

With the new versions, Adobe also makes mobile handling even more intuitive. On iOS or Android devices, the same powerful PDF editing capabilities are available as in the desktop version. Users can change, format and edit text or add, rotate and resize images within a PDF - all at the touch of a finger.

Fig. 2: Editing options on mobile devices, source: Adobe

Digital signing with Adobe Sign is also directly integrated in the new Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader. In addition, you can send documents from Acrobat for signature to other people without leaving the application. You can add and edit text in a form or form field, and include one or more signers to easily complete your contract.

Other new features

It is now easier than ever to reduce the size of an inflated file or protect information from unwanted glances. Without scrolling through menus or switching tools, password-protection and compression of documents is a one-click process. The dark mode has also been improved. Interface elements such as scroll bars, menus and comment windows now also appear in the black theme like other parts of the user interface.

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The new features and services of Adobe Acrobat DC are now available with an Acrobat DC subscription. Adobe Creative Cloud customers who subscribe to the All Apps Plan will also receive Adobe Acrobat DC. Updates for Adobe Scan, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Sign are also available.

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