The Swiss Cloud is ready to go

Microsoft has launched two data centers in Switzerland

Microsoft has launched two data centers in Switzerland: The Swiss Cloud is ready to go

Microsoft is paving the way for Swiss companies to enter the cloud with the launch of two new data centers. This is the logical consequence of the country's unique status. In this blog, Michael Kozlowski from SoftwareONE, a premier, global Microsoft partner with Swiss roots, explains why the situation in Switzerland is unique and what opportunities are now available for the Swiss economy.

Michael Kozlowski, Corporate Sales Leader DACH, stated, "The positive image that Switzerland enjoys in the world is based on four things: beauty, security, reliability and punctuality. People who are united in all their plurality and multilingualism, who love their freedom and who stand up for it. But externally they maintain strict neutrality, which was maintained even while two world wars raged around Switzerland. 

This comparatively small country owes its unique image of security to all of this – ‘as secure as in a Swiss bank’ is not a proverbial saying without reason.”

Safety versus Progress

But now the questions from Swiss companies – across all industries, not just finance or specific to banks – is increasingly urgent: how do you stay up to date with the latest technology trends – particularly the cloud – without compromising on security?

Microsoft has now found an answer with its own tailor-made solution for Switzerland and has set up two high-performance data centers on Swiss ground. They can cover the cloud storage requirements of the entire country without the sensitive information (such as core customer data) having to leave Switzerland at all.

The puzzle has finally been solved. Now Swiss companies can finally leverage all the advantages of the cloud - while complying 100 percent with the country's very strict data protection and compliance requirements. Switzerland's image will not be compromised, instead it will be strengthened!

The Roadmap

As a premier, global Microsoft partner with Swiss roots, we have a very large customer base and know that many companies have been impatient – to say the least – to be able to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer in terms of digital transformation. With this last hurdle removed our customers can now accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by moving to the cloud and optimizing their market position. Those that don’t take advantage of this new frontier may find themselves left behind. 

The roadmap is set: Microsoft will start with the Azure Basis IaaS offerings, i.e. compute/VMs, storage, backup and networking, as well as the PaaS offerings of Azure SQL DB and Cosmos DB. Afterwards, further Azure services will be launched step by step, such as SAP on Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure DB for PostreSQL or AI Services. This will be followed by Office 365 Services with local data management, and finally Dynamics Services.

SoftwareONE will support customers in close cooperation. For example, we can provide specialists for planning and migration for SAP on Azure, as well as migrating SAP instances into the cloud. We also offer many services that simplify Azure management for companies, such as AzureSimple, BackupSimple  and PyraCloud. The PyraCloud platform helps companies to improve control and management of the budget and expenses of their entire cloud portfolio. 

Would you like further information?

You can find more information about the data center launch in our webinar recording: Webinar "Everything you need to know: Microsoft Opens Data Centers in Switzerland”. You will also find all the important news from Microsoft Switzerland press releases.

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