Mergers and Acquisitions

The secure transition of IT-related contracts in mergers and acquisitions

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Regardless of size or industry, after a carve-out, acquisition or merger, companies must align with new business goals and overall business strategies. An integral part of successful post-merger integrations (PMI) is IT integration. This requires very diligent preparation, planning and monitoring to ensure that the implementation is exactly in line with the M&A business strategy. Failure to do so may not only have a negative commercial impact – but on the technical side, it may also lead to systems that are complex to manage and maintain.

SoftwareOne has the expertise to support you in all steps of an M&A process.

Mergers and acquisitions are complex entities. Every detail that is ignored can have incalculable effects. It has happened before that the sales department of a company could no longer reach its customers on Day-1 because no one had paid attention to the agreements for mobile telephony during the sale, which also belong to the IT-related contracts.

Martin Fienhold

Team Lead M&A Advisory Services at SoftwareOne

Challenges in mergers and acquisitions

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    Business Continuity

    Can business continuity be ensured on both Day-1 (the legal transition) and Day-2 (the end date of the Transitional Service Agreement, TSA)?

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    Are all migration risks under control with regard to contractual, licensing and financial issues? What about IT security and data protection, especially with regard to regulations such as GDPR?

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    Have cost avoidance and cost reduction been ensured by leveraging synergies or avoiding dis-synergies, as well as by optimizing migration strategies with regard to the affected contracts.

Benefit from all the advantages of our M&A services

  • Improved amortization time for acquisitions
  •  Modernized and optimized technologies
  •  Minimized security risks
  • Ensured business continuity
  • Optimized operational processes
  • Avoidance of financial risks

The solution if mergers and acquisitions are to succeed on the IT side as well

Shorten the time-to-value of a carve-out, acquisition or merger with SoftwareOne and ensure business continuity during the transition as well as the consolidation phase.

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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.