Power BI – The Added Component

Power BI – The Added Component

Data is growing exponentially, and organizations are leaping towards workflows, pipelines, and insightful predictions that promote informed decision making. Concepts about Business Intelligence and Analytics are not new, but the global scale of collaboration required for companies along with a large number of data sources means that tools have been evolving and continue to improve.

If you are among those organizations still looking for the tool that can scale, integrate, and be used for collaboration, then our question to you is - have you looked at Power BI?

Know your Power BI Options

Power BI is a group of technologies with the focal idea that everyone is a consumer; at the very least, it puts each technology at the fingertips of every user. We currently see a high demand for Power BI’s use due to its interactive data visualizations, innovative augmented analytics, and collaboration capabilities.


A basic web search of Power BI leaves you with almost one billion results making it difficult to find the information you need if you are ignorant of the most effective keywords to include. This is one of the basic concepts necessary to understand to ensure you have the right solution and that it is appropriately deployed in order for your organization to reduce cost and increase productivity. There is no one-size fits all – at SoftwareONE we can help you address those concerns and assist you in right-sizing your organizational business intelligence needs.

Here are your options and how they are implemented:

  1. Know the difference between Desktop Application and Pro - The application that you download, not the same as Pro with the key differentiation being Publishing. Your company’s data is your company's data, no one else’s and keep it that way. If you want to share for others to consume – get a Pro subscription. The Desktop Application is free and required to create reports.
  2. Power BI Pro - Required to share and collaborate with your colleagues. Harness that power by communicating insights, commenting, and sharing information for quicker data consumption and decision making.
  3. Premium - Dedicated capacity and meant for organizations to allow the masses to consume. Looking for a financially sound decision in having 100s and 1000s consume data regularly, here you go. There are a few flavors of capacity, but the more data you have, the more insight you have, not to mention unlimited consumers without the need for the Pro license.
  4. Embedded - Ideal for applications needing analytics presentation to be embedded. Azure driven and has the ease of integration with your application development.
  5. Power BI Report Server – Do you have Power BI Premium or SQL Enterprise Per Core with Active Software Assurance? If so, you can use the on-premise rights to download Power BI Report Server, providing additional flexibility for your organization's needs while still catering to the unlimited user consumption potential.

Consume Your Data

Your data sources are important, particularly when it comes to where and how you are accessing that data securely and within your company's protocol. Power BI boasts several connectors available to make low-code no-code opportunities available to your end-users. It is also ideal for companies that have proficiency in multiple coding languages. Quick upload to visual insight offers users the luxury of building reports that tell a meaningful story.

Find the Right Solution for Your Organization

Finding the right Power BI solution doesn’t have to be hard. Our experts are here to assess your data modernization needs and help you drive better business decisions.

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