Modern Applications

Innovate, modernize, and transform

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Modern Applications

Modern applications create competitive differentiation by enabling rapid innovation. By adopting services, practices, and strategies that underscore speed and agility, you can shift focus from business as usual to differentiating activities with deep customer value or improving internal operations through efficient applications.

Technologies such as cloud, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence have forever changed the business landscape. Existing IT systems must interact seamlessly with new digital technologies while keeping your organization’s security, governance, and performance in check. But new technologies aren’t always compatible with existing, and often outdated, systems.

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    and build net new cloud native applications

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    legacy applications to leverage cloud native architecture and services

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    development practices to a modern DevOps model

Reinventing application portfolios with speed and agility

Legacy applications put significant strain on technology budgets and operations—they are costly to maintain and cannot easily adapt to the changing business needs. Their complexity, fragility, and lack of integration results in poor customer experience and slowed business growth.

SoftwareOne utilizes best-of-breed toolsets and proprietary accelerators to discover, assess and rationalize application portfolios. We create a pragmatic, value-led roadmap for your estate, and rapidly execute against it with our team of cloud native application experts.


The SoftwareOne CX Lab

Our guided approach to software design and development produces applications that capture the attention and loyalty of customers and employees. We use design thinking, event-storming, and domain-driven design methodologies to envision and prioritize the solutions that best address your business needs.

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Make our team an extension of yours

Our embedded talent services flexibly supply the deep architectural and development skills required to develop modern cloud native applications. Source high-quality talent in a time zone convenient for you to help maximize the performance of your engineering organization.

From providing a few dedicated developers to supplementing teams at scale, we can help you do more and go faster.

How our teams work

SoftwareOne delivers enterprise-grade digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. We offer advisory services, application modernization and new application build on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and in hybrid environments.

  • Outcome Focused

  • Product Led

  • DevSecOps Enabled

  • Cloud Centric

  • AI Powered

  • Cost Conscious

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Connect with application development experts

Reach out to our experts to schedule a free modern applications workshop for you and your team.

Connect with application development experts

Reach out to our experts to schedule a free modern applications workshop for you and your team.