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Technology solutions that help those that help others

Nonprofit organisations (NPOs) foster civic engagement and strengthen communities. Keeping pace with technological change while focusing on your mission is challenging. To compete amid an explosion of digital experiences competing for public attention, NPOs need workplace tools, cloud services, and comprehensive technical strategies to engage donors, protect confidential data and streamline compliance reporting.


Keep more resources for community impact

Tune your technology investments to improve stakeholder experience and turn aspirations into action. Our managed services, commercial advice, and technical expertise help nonprofits accelerate their positive impact. You can do more with your budget – SoftwareOne's deep pricing data can help identify technology grants, funding, and discounts available to NPOs.

Transform, collaborate, and innovate securely

SoftwareOne Impact helps simplify technology choices for nonprofits. Our specialists work to lower technology costs and deliver the agility, security, and collaboration capabilities NPOs need to deliver confidential, impactful social, health, and community services. We leverage all our digital workplace, cloud, and application expertise to help your organisation focus on its mission and thrive.

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    We work with your team to create a comprehensive digital workplace roadmap based on your mission, existing capabilities, and future needs.

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    Your new tools are implemented on-premises, in the cloud, or as a multi-cloud solution, with onboarding support for employees and volunteers.

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    We build security into every solution to protect confidential client and donor data and prevent cyber attacks and data loss.

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    Amplify your new collaboration capabilities with automated workflows and business and reporting processes.

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    Enable decision-making

    Rely on improved data gathering to help leadership make decisions that support current goals and inform future actions.

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    SoftwareOne Impact helps accelerate the onboarding and adoption of your new tools and building communities with change enablement services.

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SoftwareOne empowers nonprofits around the world

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    Baanbrekers adopts remote work

    SoftwareOne assessed legacy technology investments and future needs to advise on licensing strategies that support remote work as Baanbrekers grows.

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    Single sign-on transforms Helen Keller International

    We helped the global vision-loss and poverty prevention champion create an Azure Identity Management strategy that reduced authentication costs and streamlined its path to a digital workplace.

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    Improving ataxia awareness with Azure

    SoftwareOne and Microsoft helped Hope for Ataxia relaunch its website. The organisation gained a faster and more agile workspace that supports improved engagement and future automation.

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    Northwest Kidney Centers goes cloud-first

    SoftwareOne methodically evaluated how to migrate each of the organisation's servers to Azure to reduce infrastructure and operational expenses.

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Nonprofit and education customers save with SoftwareOne Impact

SoftwareOne offers access to technology grants and discounts for nonprofit and educational institutions. Tell us about your challenges.

Nonprofit and education customers save with SoftwareOne Impact

SoftwareOne offers access to technology grants and discounts for nonprofit and educational institutions. Tell us about your challenges.