Digital Workplace Adoption Services

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Digital Workplace Adoption Services

Modern workplace tools are feature-rich, but employees need to understand when and how to use them to realise their full benefit. A facilitated adoption plan must address your organisation's maturity and provide appropriate KPIs to make technology investments deliver on company objectives. Our specialists work with your team to introduce technology with improved employee satisfaction and productivity while protecting corporate reputation.

SoftwareOne Digital Workplace Adoption Services provide consulting expertise based on industry-recommended frameworks that encourage the adoption of new technologies. We provide an adoption plan and help develop a community of internal champions to drive a communication and training plan for newly implemented technologies.

We specialise in technology adoption success

SoftwareOne adoption specialists close the gap between people and technology. We work with your teams, initiating meaningful conversations with the right people at the right time to encourage the adoption of new applications and processes. Customers often ask, "Is adoption simply training and communication?" The answer is, "It’s complicated." Drawing on deep change-management experience, guide organisations through even the most complicated workplace integration projects.

Our digital workplace specialists have migrated 10 million+ users to the cloud and provide ongoing managed services for over 6 million users. Our team brings proven competency in all Microsoft Solution Partner Designations and the Google Cloud Work Transformation Specialisation.

Early engagement leads to better, faster results

Successful change requires an adoption framework that identifies roles, structures, processes, projects, and leadership competencies. Despite the more significant upfront commitment, the outcomes yield returns that outweigh the investment. We assess your organisation’s maturity to provide a customised plan.

Let's talk
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    Plan together

    We listen and understand the state of your business and future goals, set KPIs, and identify ambassadors for your chosen Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace solution.

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    Run and adopt

    We pilot and validate plans and identify your internal stakeholders to help facilitate conversations that drive learning and adoption.

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    Marathon deployment

    Technology adoption is a sustained effort. We provide reinforcement, guidance, gap assessment, reporting, and continuous feedback strategies.

Connecting people

Building a modern digital workplace involves more than the introduction of new applications. Innovative organisations reinforce technology decisions with careful adoption planning. We listen to your needs, applying multidisciplinary knowledge about your chosen solution and change management to customise your strategy that achieves all technology and business goals. Count on us for proven industry practices, program management strategies, orchestrated deployments, and artful reinforcement that ensures productivity remains high.

Learn how our adoption and change-management specialists deliver success

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    City of Lincoln Council boosts employee adoption of Microsoft 365

    SoftwareOne's Adoption & Change Management Advisory service helped the City of Lincoln Council to encourage employee adoption of M365, to maximize ROI, and enable effective remote working, especially when Covid-19 constraints emerged.

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    The smart and secure way to work

    msg life, an IT specialist for insurers opted for M365 to improve workplace efficiency for 1,200 employees, making communication more agile, secure and easier to deliver first-class customer services to insurance companies around the world.

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    Spinning the news faster

    Vocento Group, a leading Spanish mass media group used SoftwareONE’s Digital Workplace and Google Workspace to distribute its news faster by collaborating easier and in real time across its 100 companies.


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