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Adoption & Change Management Adapt & Adopt

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Once an organization has decided to mass enable holistic communications and collaboration solutions like Microsoft 365 there are various actions needed to make this transition land. One of the key aspects are the people within your company as they are driving the speed and success of adapting and adopting a new technology. Low acceptance can cause massive risks such as a waste of investment in unused solutions or the increased threat of security breaches through Shadow IT.

SoftwareONE’s customized, professional Adapt & Adopt service guides you on your successful Adoption & Change Management journey. Whether you need support for building a growth mindset and communication activities or whether you want to improve your adoption results, our different modules help you get to your desired state, following and adapting to your own speed and business needs.

Develop Your Strategy to Accelerate Change & Adoption

If you are seeking a fundamental understanding of how your Adoption & Change Management strategy could look like, SoftwareONE’s Adoption & Change Management Advisory is the ideal place to kick-off your journey.

Designed as a combination of multiple modules including interactive knowledge sharing, information gathering and design sessions, it helps you kickstart your adoption and change management plan by understand the people in your organization who will drive the change; prioritizing the groups who will be affected by the change; and identifying the ways they’ll need to work differently.

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We Help You to Shine Bright

Helping customers like you to accelerate adoption and enabling their employees to realize the full benefits of Microsoft 365 has brought us the recognition as one of the H1 Top Teams partners from Microsoft. Let us guide you on your digital transformation journey by making your enablement process a success.

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Build an Adoption & Change Management Plan that will last

SoftwareONE’s Adapt & Adopt service is a project-based, customized professional service guiding you on you on your successful Adoption & Change Management journey and helping you to enable your employees to best work in the new digital era. After planning the proper Adoption & Change Management process and defining a clear change message, we support you in testing and adjusting your assumptions to make your change is going to land. Backed with solid communication and training plans you will then go through your mass enablement to finally secure a new learning culture to maintain your momentum.

Outcome Support the journey

of the people side
of digital strategy
 Delivering on the leadership vision and cultural transformation
 Enabling the Technology Roadmap
 Enabling people in the new digital transformation era
4. Reiteration Maintain momentum Continuous reinforcement Coach on managing resistance Enable a continuous learning culture
3. Mass Enablement Sustainable deployment Broad and clear communication Coach your management and local Adapt & Adopt team in “message landing” Deliver training plan
2. Pilot Enablement Test assumptions Test acceptance of the “Change Messages” Coaching on how to adapt to the immediate feedback Validate and adjust initial communication plan
1. Preparation Plan process & Change Message   Vision and mission   Stakeholders   Change Messages

Fully Embrace the Benefits of Adapt & Adopt

A successful transformation journey starts with your people. We help your employees to understand the basic concept of a technology platform such as Microsoft 365 before it is implemented. In addition to that, you will experience immediate return-on-your-investment as a smooth transition for users can minimize disruption among the workforce and can significantly reduce administrative efforts and incidents while supporting your digital business transformation.

Grow adoption and increase productivity for Microsoft 365 workloads

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

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Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed as one of the first global partners awarded with the status of a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization.

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