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neurocare drives digitization in healthcare with Microsoft Azure


As a mental health care provider with a global network of clinics and over 20 years of experience in research and technology development, neurocare aims to provide effective and lasting relief from the symptoms of mental illness through personalized therapies. Nevertheless, the escalating demand for mental healthcare services presents a challenge. Treating physicians often find it difficult to provide their patients with the most effective therapy due to the absence of a straightforward and standardized digital patient care solutionTo provide seamless care to treating physicians and patients, neurocare sought a way to offer improved mental health care services through a digital therapy platform (DTP). For this reason, as a first step toward the DTP, the company turned to SoftwareOne for support in developing the new cloud solution and an on-ramp to the Azure Cloud.

  • Agile App-Development

    in 12 Sprints to MVP

  • Highly requested Datasecurity

    with Azure Key Vault

  • Centralized Data Management

    thanks to digital connection of devices

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Centralize local storage of treatment data

Due to the sharp increase in demand for mental health services, neurocare found itself at a turning point in healthcare services. In order to meet the high demand across the board, a new digital solution was urgently needed that would enable location-independent therapy sessions and at the same time incorporate the requirements of day-to-day business in the practices and therapy centers.

The goal was to use cloud-based technologies to make information that had previously only been stored locally on the devices centrally available. What was needed was a tool that would give practitioners access to digital therapy data, allow them to treat patients from any location, and at the same time offer a very high level of protection for sensitive data and a high degree of fail-safety.

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Project kickoff on an equal footing thanks to agile app development

Neurocare turned to SoftwareOne to benefit from its expertise in cloud services on the one hand and its experience in agile app development on the other. However, before SoftwareOne‘s experts could start developing a web app, a new Azure environment had to be set up to deliver the cloud application in a failsafe manner. Since neurocare wanted to store medical data in a cloud environment, the highest data protection requirements had to be met and all regulatory requirements had to be fulfilled. To be able to guarantee this at all times, a set of rules in the form of a cloud governance concept was created by SoftwareOne to guarantee the secure and compliant use of the cloud services.

The result is a prototype (MVP) of a responsive web app with different interfaces, precisely tailored to the needs of the respective user, which can now be tested in further steps and developed into a marketable product solution. By using Azure App Services, the treating therapists and technical specialists receive their own interface in the new cloud solution, which is based on Azure CosmosDB as a database. An interface allows the integration of technical devices needed for digital therapy. Following a session, the collected data is made available to the therapists in encrypted form using Azure Functions. The management of highly sensitive data is protected thanks to Azure Key Vault. In addition, Azure Monitor controls the entire cloud environment, immediately reports problems and provides insights into performance and availability. This was implemented as a prototype for one of the many devices that neurocare has in its portfolio.

Can we do this for you?

Can we do this for you?

Can we do this for you?

Can we do this for you?

Efficient healthcare through Microsoft Azure

The prototype (MVP) is a cloud-based web application designed to improve efficiency in practices and therapy centers in the future. This is achieved by connecting the cloud to all therapy devices in the clinic and enabling centralized patient and clinic management.

The application combines many useful functions:

  • Patient management: Reduced to the essential information
  • Extensive permission settings for users: Add/remove users and define their roles in their practice/clinic group
  • Performance reports: Summary of all activities are presented and downloadable as a structured Excel file
  • Treatment reports: Automatic saving of treatment reports and one-click downloading as PDF files
  • Remote provision of prescribed treatment plans: Treatment plans for therapy sessions can be delivered remotely
  • Cloud connection: Access treatment reports from all devices (with authorized access) in a practice or clinic group.
  • Two-factor authentication: Comprehensive data security and protection concept

Taking into account data protection and all compliance requirements, data and results can be collected and analyzed in the cloud solution. This eliminates the need to log on to each individual device to retrieve required information. This is made possible by a suitable interface to the devices, which enables encrypted data transfer to the physicians. This leaves more time for the treatment and personal care of patients.

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