SoftwareONE Unified Support for Azure

SoftwareONE Unified Support for Azure

Leverage Your Cloud Support with SoftwareONE

Optimizing Your Azure Strategy

To maintain a competitive edge, many organizations seek to increase the scalability, flexibility, accessibility and security of their networks. Cloud environments enable organizations – like yours – to seamlessly adapt to shifting market and consumer demands.

Are you ready for the cloud?

The Challenges of Managing A Modern Cloud Infrastructure

80% of Enterprises struggle with Cloud Spend Management


56% of executives who think lack of IT resources hamper digital transformation

(Payments Journal, 2019)

$ 14 Billion estimated wasted cloud spend in 2019


Cloud will be 25% of IT spend by the end of 2020.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud for modern business. Open, trusted and Intelligent – Azure offers your organization endless possibilities, no matter what industry you are in or what business challenge you are solving. Azure enables organizations to move and scale faster, lower IT costs and drive innovation, all of which are in demand now, more than ever.


SoftwareONE Unified Support for Azure

Although you may have Microsoft Azure installed and running properly, you might still require additional help and support to succeed in your business. That’s where SoftwareONE can help. SoftwareONE Unified Support for Azure is our end-to-end service for Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing only providing maximum flexibility and helping you to save costs and minimize disruptions.


Save time & money with professional advisory

Server Migration

Realize cloud values with minimized downtimes

SQL Migration

Reduce risk and save costs

Optimization Settings


Control and optimize your costs

All packs include PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management and a Service Success Manager. Furthermore, our Cloud Workload Security provides your organization with malware protection that not only scans for known malware, but also can detect unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.

Managing a Stable Azure Environment

Any form of unplanned application or system downtime is toxic to your business success, regardless of the role that a particular application plays in the business - especially in terms of cost. With our 24x7 Cloud Support included, we ensure the availability of your Azure environment to reduce downtimes and avoid business risks.

  • 24x7 Support with fast response times

  • Ownership for escalations through to Microsoft Premier Support for Partners (Level 3)

  • Unlimited support cases / 5 Admin contacts included

  • Monthly Service Report

Leverage the Power of Azure

We are here to help you run and maintain an Azure cloud environment that meets all of your business needs. Find out how.

Download SoftwareONE Unified Support for Azure Flyer

Rely On The Global Expert

At SoftwareONE, we believe in the success of your business - whether small or large, old or new. To accomplish this, cloud services should be accessible to every business and every organization. We are here to help you save time and money with our professional Azure services tailored to your business needs. Realize the value of the cloud with minimized downtime, reduced risk and enhanced cost savings.

Ease of Use

We work with your company to ensure the strategy, design and migration plan of moving to the cloud is simplified while realizing the full technical benefits of Azure.

Cloud Expertise

We have over 30 years experience with Microsoft (official Azure Expert MSP) and work with clients to provide cloud advisory support aligned to your business needs.

Global Presence

Designed to think globally and act locally, we have presence in nearly 90 countries to answer all of your Azure related needs in real-time.

Trusted Advisor

We guide you on your cloud journey and also help you to understand the complexity of the Microsoft environment.

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