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SoftwareONE Snow Experts Help Customers Master Software Assets

Snow is a market-tested developer of software asset management tools. Snow offers a comprehensive suite of technology intelligence solutions and deep operational experience and combined with SoftwareONE’s expertise guides customers in the oversight of cloud, software, hardware, and infrastructure. SoftwareONE is committed to helping organizations across the globe thrive in an era of digital transformation, bringing you an optimal understanding of data collection and analysis to reduce expenses and assure your Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) program success.

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“We knew we needed help. The key was finding a strategic partner. SoftwareONE expertise has been significant in getting us organized. They helped implement Snow, provided training, and began uncovering risks with our largest software vendors, Oracle and SAP, as well as helping with IBM audit support. The partnership has supported a substantial return on our investment.”

IT Asset Manager, Major Water Utility

Complete Inventory Visibility

In a new world of applications and infrastructure the rapid move to cloud and complex hybrid environments is the new normal. Staff are helping themselves to on-line tools, whether you want them to or not. It is past time for IT to evolve from a simple service provider to a strategic partner. Time to get ready.


With the help of Snow technology, SoftwareONE helps customers discover devices, software, and cloud services on all platforms, including hardware configuration, software deployments, and usage.


We provide insights to Software Asset Managers, and Operational teams to inform critical business decisions around data migration, end of service life, security holes and much more.

License Management and Optimization

Effective management of software installs, usage, licenses and entitlements means knowing the state of your software licenses. What is sitting idle and wasting money? Licensing is a challenge, especially if you’re using multiple inventory technologies.

SoftwareONE helps clients utilize Snow software to accomplish effective Software Lifecycle Management, SLM. We give customers insights that help to make every asset pay its way, reducing risk and generating cost savings. All your assets are managed in a single repository that calculates license status. Optimizing your software estate saves money, reduces vendor sprawl, consolidates vendors and keeps you ready if auditors call.

Audit Defense – Turn Compliance Risk into Opportunity

Know your effective license position before the auditors come knocking. Minimize disruptions and unbudgeted costs.

Software audits are a source of revenue for software vendors. And, vendors rely on their data to calculate what they are owed. Using Snow, SoftwareONE helps clients stay in compliance and avoid costly penalties.

Instead of accepting vendor audit data, our customers counter with accurate views of software deployment, configuration, licensing and usage data.
We help prepare customers and drive compliance strategies for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, VMware and hundreds more…

Take control of software assets with SoftwareONE experts and Snow Software

SoftwareONE experts help our customers gain complete software asset insight by implementing Snow’s Software Asset Management platform. We show customers how to use Snow tools to fully cover on-premises, cloud, and mobile, providing comprehensive controls, and a single source of truth. SoftwareONE experts will help your enterprise understand how Snow can discover all software assets, streamlining and simplifying license management, while reducing expense and risk. SoftwareONE brings the technical and deep licensing experience our customers need to achieve dynamic views compliance, security, usage, asset status, software re-harvesting and many others all while driving cost savings and greater efficiencies.

Emilio Casa

“In the end, we really trust in the capacity and knowledge of SoftwareONE to sort through complicated licensing issues to help us realize the most cost-effective utilization of every software product. [...] It is now much easier for us to understand what we have installed in our infrastructure, how it binds to the licensing contracts, and, importantly, how each software asset is best used.”

COBIS IT Manager

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