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Software Sourcing Services

Although typically 90% of software budgets are spent on an organisation’s core strategic vendors, purchase orders and renewals for Tier 2 and 3 software take up most IT procurement time and resources. Your long-tail vendors carry a higher cost per transaction. Lack of visibility into these publishers' terms and conditions, your licence utilisation, and audit risk can raise costs, slow procurement fulfilment, and harm productivity.

SoftwareOne Sourcing Services compile the apps and services you need into a convenient catalogue customised to your organisation's needs. Get all your software through a single provider while keeping your team prepared with the latest and most comprehensive information to support cost-efficient software decisions.


Software insights powered by SoftwareOne PyraCloud

SoftwareOne’s PyraCloud platform presents your software estate within a customised, easily managed dashboard.

Are your procurement resources optimising their time?

Infographic of Software Sourcing Support Tiers

SoftwareOne collects software lifecycle and digital supply-chain management into a single process that optimises procurement teamwork.

Accelerated procurement decision-making adds flexibility to your software estate. It is the foundation of an agile organisation ready to respond quickly to emerging market opportunities. Using optimised workflows and automation in your service-management process, our specialists take on the management of your digital environment to help you accelerate requests. We help your teams evaluate vendors and products, and we can configure solutions to reduce software and cloud costs. You never need to go into a contract or renewal negotiation alone with our end-to-end procurement support services.

Our digital supply-chain experts regularly engage with your technology, procurement, and business teams to identify new requirements and share best practices to optimise licence utilisation and increase automation. We also help you save money and improve systems performance with recommendations generated by SoftwareOne PyraCloud, the only FinOps Certified Platform from a Certified Service Provider in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services.

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