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Maximize the Value of Your Software Portfolio with a Single Platform

Gain Single Pane View Into Your Entire Software Portfolio

PyraCloud provides you with tools to ensure your software estate is continuously cost-optimized and aligned with your business objectives

Digitize your software supply chain, manage contracts and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple cloud providers.

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"PyraCloud provided quick insights into the actual spend and trends going forward for the Azure Enterprise Agreement. We realized – via PyraCloud – that our Azure spend will be three times higher than what we actually committed and this was easier and quicker than going to the Azure Portal."

Richard Bezjian, Director of Engineering, LA Metro

PyraCloud is FinOps Certified

We take the complexity out of Cloud Financial Management.

As a FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) and a FinOps Certified Platform (FCP) via PyraCloud, we help you take back control of your cloud spend and provide guidance on how to optimize your cloud investments.

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FinOps Certified Service Provider Logo

PyraCloud Powers FinOps

Learn how PyraCloud can provide the transparency, insights and tools that all key stakeholders need to successfully view and manage cloud costs throughout your organization.

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Effective Cloud Financial Management

The FinOps lifecycle consists of three phases – Inform, Optimize and Operate that are continuously repeated. We can provide intelligent insights for each of these phases to continuously support your FinOps journey.

Do you want to gain the insights and visibility you need to better understand your cloud spend? Watch our video to learn how PyraCloud can help.

Do you want to optimize your cloud spend and empower your teams to identify, execute, and measure efficiently? Find out how PyraCloud can help.

Do you need to manage multiple cloud environments, and do you want to get rid of the time-consuming process of doing this manually? Let us show you how PyraCloud can ease this burden.

Your benefits at a Glance

Data Analytics

Visibility and accountability of software usage and spend

Identify software cost saving opportunities

Automation to drive operational efficiency

Insights for rightsizing and reducing compliance risks

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Effective Software and Cloud Spend

Effective Software and Cloud Spend

Do you want full visibility into your software and cloud spend across your on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment so that you can effectively manage your spend?

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Flyer: PyraCloud Software and Cloud Spend Management

Learn how to gain complete visibility into how software and cloud resources are used, it is easier to identify underutilized resources, optimize resources and avoid unnecessary spend.

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What Our Customers Say

Dreßler Bau Gains Control of its Office 365 Spend and Usage with PyraCloud

Dreßler Bau needed to control and manage its Office 365 cloud resources in an easier and more cost-efficient way. Via PyraCloud, the company is provided clear data on the use of its cloud resources.

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Paramount Mortgage Modernizes IT Infrastructure with Azure

Paramount Mortgage (PRMG) Leverages Azure Cloud for Cost and Manageability Efficiencies

Moving to Azure allows Paramount Mortgage to reduce infrastructure complexity and cost. A centralized IT infrastructure in the cloud streamlines technology needs across Paramount Mortgage’s 175 US-based locations.


PyraCloud for the Entire Software Portfolio Lifecycle

Software Lifecycle Automation Platform

Lifecycle Automation

Streamline procurement processes. View, track and manage all software transactions, orders, invoices and contracts in one platform. Track spend and simplify complex contract management, renewals and global EA True-ups.

Cloud Spend Management

View and predict cloud usage across Azure, AWS and Office 365. Get a clear view into how your business uses cloud resources, track actual spend against budgets and optimize your cloud environment with centralized tagging.

Actionable Intelligence

Gain insights into your current and predicted future spend. Understand business demand, track software usage and govern resources. Identify potential cost savings, improve compliance and enable better security of cloud resources.

Digitize Your Software Supply Chain

Software Procurement Hub

PyraCloud provides a defined catalog of approved software publishers and available licensing scenarios in nearly 90 countries and over a dozen currencies – effectively digitizing the procurement process from demand through delivery. Budgeting and renewal processes are automated putting you in an optimal negotiating position and avoiding compliance risks and penalties. PyraCloud also provides a clear view of historical, current and forecasted consumption and costs, across multiple hyperscale providers.

Cloud Spend Management

As your cloud consumption scales, PyraCloud allows you to easily grow with the business demand, both with SaaS and IaaS offerings, while giving you control to distribute the costs of the consumption to the departments who are driving its use. PyraCloud simplifies the governance, budgeting, spend tracking and charge back of cloud costs to your organizations business cost centers.

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