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How to Jumpstart Your FinOps Practice with the 5 Cs of FinOps

How to Jumpstart Your FinOps Practice with the 5 Cs of FinOps

  • eBook
  • Cloud Spend Management, FinOps

More and more new digital workloads are being deployed in the cloud.

The more cloud services your company uses, the more cloud costs and inefficiencies will increase. Developing a cloud financial management or FinOps practice can bring accountability to cloud spend and help you drive maximum value from every dollar invested in the cloud.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on FinOps can reduce your cloud costs by 25%
  • The 5 Cs of a successful FinOps practice
  • How to set FinOps key performance indicators (KPIs) that get engineers and developers to act on cloud cost management
  • What your centralized FinOps team should look like so you can drive accountability across your organization
  • How to continuously optimize your cloud environment via right-sizing, right-costing, and other FinOps best practices