Azure Cost Optimization

Analyse Azure costs and reveal savings

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Azure Cost Optimization 

With “Pay-As-You-Go”, Microsoft Azure provides quick and flexible access to cloud services. In the long term, however, uncontrolled flexibility in a growing cloud environment can cause expenses that are difficult to manage. The reasons are manifold: incorrectly dimensioned servers, high idle times and uneconomical licence agreements generate avoidable costs, also known as cloud waste.
Are you able to keep track of a large number of servers in detail, check them regularly and dimension them correctly? Are you tapping into potential savings like Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances for each of your workloads?

With our Azure Cost Optimization Assessment, you get a quick cost analysis and specific recommendations for action from us as your Azure Expert MSP Partner.


The most common signs that your cloud spend is too high:

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    Lack of transparency regarding all existing cloud servers and their consumption

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    Current cloud costs cannot be determined accurately

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    Approved expenses cannot be allocated accurately to a cost centre

Quick help for more transparency and cost savings

  • Your cloud costs seem too high, but you lack the insight and resources to find the root-cause?
  • Do you need quick practical advice on how to proceed in order to avoid unnecessary costs in the future?

SoftwareOne’s Azure Cost Optimization Assessment provides you with a detailed analysis of your cloud server cost structure and recommendations you can implement immediately. The assessment is not a lengthy workshop, but rather collects data and delivers the necessary results within a few days, which our experts will prepare for you in a detailed report.

Cost analysis with immediate action

Our Azure Cloud Optimization Assessment uses a tool-based approach to measure your current cloud usage and analyse billing data.

You will then receive an assessment of the results and corresponding recommendations for action from our experienced Azure experts. The report includes a management summary as well as detailed findings and recommendations regarding compute, storage, networking and PaaS services.

We will be happy to implement these optimisations for you and set up an automation system on request.


The assessment is structured as follows:

  • Checking the prerequisites and preparing the customer’s environment
  • Recording of the actual status using scripts and monitoring workbooks, measuring the consumption and evaluating the billing data in order to derive suitable measures
  • Evaluation of the collected data against best practices
  • All recommendations are consolidated in a report with concrete instructions for action and prioritisation
  • The optimisation can be ordered separately and depends on the findings of the assessment
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.