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Increased productivity and efficiency with M365 for Emile Egger


Successful transformation

Faced with an outdated and inconsistent IT environment, Emile Egger embarked on the path of digital transformation with Microsoft 365. The aim was to provide all employees with a modern working environment using innovative communication and collaboration tools. Emile Egger made its progress towards a more efficient way of working through a partnership with SoftwareOne.

  • Improved security functions

    Implemented throughout the organization

  • Increased productivity

    Through standardized communication and collaboration tools

  • Greater flexibility

    Established by a quickly and easily scalable IT environment

Emile Egger & Cie SA
Microsoft Azure
M365 Migration
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Advancing on the road to digitization

Emile Egger is a medium-sized company that faced multiple challenges that urgently needed attention. The company's IT environment was fragmented and called for greater cohesion and efficiency. IT operations were complex and required time-consuming maintenance. Managing these disparate systems exhausted significant resources and often slowed the IT department's workflow. The resulting fragmentation hindered smooth collaboration between teams and led to difficulties in sharing critical information and data.

In addition, the company recognized that, for continued success, it faced an urgent need to drive its digital transformation forward. Employees' daily work requires modern tools to improve efficiency and flexibility. Contemporary solutions were essential to enhance employee mobility while meeting evolving business demands.

To meet its challenges, Emile Egger required a comprehensive solution that would standardize the IT environment and reduce maintenance costs while creating the foundation for a successful and ongoing digital transformation. Implementing modern tools and platforms would improve collaboration and increase employee’s flexibility and mobility while improving the company's productivity and innovative strength.


Successful implementation

The experts from SoftwareOne began with a comprehensive assessment analyzing Emile Egger's IT environment in detail. The team identified best practices necessary to develop an optimal strategy for the company’s seamless cloud migration. SoftwareOne began by developing clear guidelines and recommendations tailored to Emile Egger's needs and requirements.

After completing the assessment and planning phase, the team defined the complete design and detailed actions required for a smooth Microsoft 365 migration. In close collaboration with BitTitan, the team consolidated and migrated all mailboxes from the company's two mail systems into a standardized Exchange Online solution. They also migrated ADFS to Azure AD to optimize identity management and modernize the platform for future requirements.

Finalizing the migration process included implementing all security elements to ensure the company's data and communications were optimally protected on the new platform. SoftwareOne’s meticulous approach ensured that all critical security measures and compliance requirements were considered to ensure complete data integrity and protection.

The move to Microsoft 365 was strategically necessary for our company to overcome the challenges of outdated on-premises systems and to drive digital transformation while improving security and collaboration across the organization. By implementing this new platform, we increased our efficiency in all areas and laid the foundation for further growth and innovation.

Hans Heiser

IT-Operations Manager at Emile Egger

Positive changes

  • Improved collaboration: The company established more efficient communication channels using Microsoft Teams and enhanced cooperation and information sharing among departments.
  • Flexible scalability: Moving to Microsoft 365 made the organization more agile in response to change and more flexible in scaling IT resources to meet the demands of digital transformation.
  • Increased security and compliance: The robust security features of Microsoft 365 provide the organization with improved protection against threats and help meet compliance standards.
  • Standardized tools: Standardization eases the maintenance burden and increases the effective delivery of the IT department’s mission objectives.

The SoftwareOne team did an outstanding job. We are delighted with the result! The excellent cooperation, the strong relationship of trust, the positive team dynamics, and the successful outcome of the M365 migration speak for themselves.

Hans Heiser, IT-Operations Manager at Emile Egger

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