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Scaling the Internet of Things (IoT) at speed

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Bosch.IO, a German multinational engineering and technology company needed to rapidly deliver Cloud based IoT projects based on their Bosch IoT Suite. In a hot competitive market, speed and quality of delivery is a key factor for Bosch.IO’s success in winning and keeping global clients. Bosch.IO invested 15 years in developing a robust and feature rich IoT stack, and the engineering challenge here was how to extend the stack with cutting-edge technologies at speed and scale to satisfy the demanding requirements of their global clients. Specifically, the Bosch.IO engineering team needed to combine craftsmanship in the vast Java- based IoT legacy and proficiency in the latest cloud-native technologies to enable and rapidly build high- quality state-of-the-art scalable IoT architectures tailored to their new clients.

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SoftwareOne’s experience in lean engineering and agile development ensures rapid time-to-market at the highest level of quality making them a valuable long-term partner.

Sinisha Djukic
General Manager at Bosch.IO, Sofia

The solution

SoftwareOne is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with the highest level of proficiency in AWS infrastructures and related Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). SoftwareOne specialises in building Cloud-native applications with engineers bringing hundreds of years of collective experience in building scalable enterprise systems, including the creation of the Bosch.IO IoT legacy.

Results delivered

SoftwareOne software engineers working along their Bosch.IO colleagues scaled out the Bosch IoT Suite in a few months and delivered the backbone of the IoT solutions. SoftwareOne’s deep knowledge in Bosch legacy combined with Cloud-native expertise ensure vast numbers of IoT requests are handled flawlessly.

Specifically, SoftwareOne delivered IoT solutions for 2 major Bosch.IO clients:

  • A global German car manufacturer requiring software update handling for 1000’s of cars and,
  • For the next generation national electricity system in Germany, allowing the national regulator to have near real-time information for the electrical usage of each end-consumer, and opening the door for a smart electrical grid that optimises the demand-supply of electrical energy in Germany.

The Bosch.IO and SoftwareOne relationship is set to continue as a long-term valuable partnership. SoftwareOne, with its key role in the Bosch.IO IoT development success, looks forward to being an important and integral partner of future projects.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.