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Energy producer protects data and ensures compliance using Omada Identity Suite

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A major energy producer strengthened its data security framework and achieved regulatory compliance by deploying Omada Identity Suite for advanced access management.

Data security is essential to maintain smooth operations and competitiveness in the market. Not to mention the responsibility of complying with industry regulations designed to protect sensitive data. As a result of the GDPR regulation in the EU, this energy company needed an effective identity and access management solution to handle personnel data efficiently and securely.

Major energy producer
Application Development Services, Workplace Security

Responding to regulatory demands

The company is a national leader in the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil. It is also one of the largest energy companies in the distribution of fuels and the generation of electricity.

The organisation must comply with regulations applicable to the energy sector, as well as the requirements of the European Parliament and the EU Council.

They wanted to secure their IT systems and control access grants to services and data, particularly those containing personal information of employees and clients. The implementation of the Omada Identity Suite by SoftwareOne enabled them to achieve their goals.

The following requirements were addressed by the project:

  • Make an inventory of and review permissions for systems and apps
  • Implement an access request process to ensure accountability for decisions to grant/deny access
  • Implement periodic reviews of permissions versus responsibilities
  • Complete reports and audits of existing permissions

In addition, a user lifecycle process was needed to:

  • manage identity lifecycles within the organisation and its IT systems based on reliable information
  • Grant access based on automated rules related to organisational structures, functions, projects, etc.
  • Grant access based on a model of organisational roles.

Effective access control with Omada Identity Suite

To ensure that the client could achieve its access management objectives, SoftwareOne recommended the IAG Essentials package, based on the Omada Identity Suite (OIS). OIS is an Identity and Access Governance (IAG) software package that enables organisations to manage their access and identity lifecycles.

IAG Essentials helps businesses quickly establish permissions management processes, reviews, audits, and reporting. SoftwareOne implemented this functionality for the company’s core applications without introducing the full identity management lifecycle and automation.

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Can we do this for you?

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Sustained compliance and strengthened data protection

The energy company’s new OIS-based identity management process now provides the security department and other stakeholders with a single source of truth about permissions, and whether they meet pre-defined requirements. Omada’s OIS solution also unifies the Identity and Access Management (IAM) process with functions such as self-service user access and automated permission granting. All events are fully traceable in logs.

Stakeholders can make quick adjustments to permissions, accounts or processes as needed. Business users can now manage access to the organisation’s resources manually or with the help of automation, as required. In addition, OIS has freed up company’s resources, saving time in managing user lifecycles and reducing the risk of human error. It helps to maintain compliance with industry standards and GDPR by ensuring that only authorised users have access to controlled information.

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