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Current IT Risks and Their Consequences for SAM

Zero day attacks, distributed denial-of-service or SQL injection. Are you up-to-date when it comes to current IT risks?

How VMware Can Help Secure Your Data Center Against WannaCry, Petya & Co

Did you ever ask yourself why so many businesses are an easy target for hackers and cyber criminals? We know the answer.

  • 22 września 2017
  • Robin Hobo
  • User Productivity, Managed Security

4 Major Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Which trends are going to influence workplace mobility? Our expert Robin Hobo took a closer look at Enterprise Mobility and summed up 4 major trends.

  • 07 września 2017
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • Managed Security

How to Fight Ransomware With the GDPR

GDPR imposes large fines, but forces companies to take IT-Security policies more seriously. GDPR can take on both a cautionary and a protective role.

How to Improve Your Company's Cyber Resilience
  • 22 sierpnia 2017
  • Ron Vermeulen
  • Managed Security, PyraCloud

How to Improve Your Company's Cyber-Resilience

While we are still reeling from the aftermath of the „WannaCry“ ransomware exploit, it might not be too early to start considering the next set of threats.

  • 16 sierpnia 2017
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • User Productivity, Managed Security

How BYOD Affects Your Productivity

Do your employees already use their own devices? A good BYOD strategy can boost your productivity. Here is what you need to consider.

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