The world needs ESG leaders. We’re all in.


Our Environmental, Social, and Governance direction

SoftwareOne is a global company that recognizes our impact on the planet and the people in the communities where we work. Like many organisations, we are beginning an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey that will transform our company. As a leader in the technology industry, we are committed to improving diversity within our workforce and senior leadership. The technology we sell and serve also requires that we act to protect the data and privacy of our customers. As we take our first steps on this journey, we commit to regularly report our progress using science-based measurements.

We aspire to positive change

We are thrilled to present an update on our global strategy for an Environmental, Social, and Governance program, and celebrate the success of local initiatives and new global roadmaps. SoftwareOne is committed to deliver transformation for ourselves, for our stakeholders, and for a sustainable future.


How are we achieving our ESG goals?

Humanity faces an unprecedented environmental crisis. As of 2021, climate change has warmed Earth's atmosphere by 0.85° C, creating increasingly unfavourable conditions for humans and many other species. 

As a provider of technology services and distributor of technology on behalf of others, we must create an innovative approach to our ESG strategy. Our path to sustainability, social justice, and transparent business practices is a work in progress that SoftwareOne, our customers, and the industry will devise together. We pride ourselves on being an ethical organisation and believe three areas are our most significant paths to effect positive changes for the environment and society.

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    Promoting diversity, opportunity and equitable pay for all within SoftwareOne and our market is an essential goal of our ESG roadmap.

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    As a technology company, we are responsible for reducing our downstream greenhouse gas emissions and helping our clients track and reduce CO2 emissions.

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    Our ESG success requires us to focus on establishing and maintaining best-in-class ethics, compliance, data privacy, and cybersecurity programs.

Green ideas in action

Introducing GreenOps to reduce IT CO2 emissions

We partnered with climate experts to introduce SoftwareOne FinOps for Sustainability. The system collects and reports greenhouse gas emissions associated with on-premises data centres, cloud infrastructure, and network services. It provides customers analytics and intelligence to support data-driven IT decisions that help reduce climate-warming emissions.

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Going beyond simple compliance to positive impact

Our teams work in 90 countries and engage with communities where our people live. We believe our diversity makes us stronger. Here are the foundations of our environmental and social efforts.

#1 We are becoming environmentally responsible at SoftwareOne, measuring and lowering our organisational carbon footprint.

#2 We are committed to cutting downstream emissions of our customers and partners by providing software and services that support their environmental impact efforts.

#3 We cultivate an inclusive, diverse, and caring space for all SoftwareOne employees.

#4 We will further the positive digital transformation of nonprofits and local communities through our SoftwareOne Impact program.

#5 We will leverage SoftwareOne's passion and its dedication to values-driven ethical business to further its ethical and compliant corporate governance practices.

SoftwareOne is mindful of its responsibility to the planet and communities we serve. We work to reduce our environmental impact, help customers cut their emissions, and improve our gender and ethnic diversity whilst applying best-in-class compliance practices and ethics in our business.”

– Isabelle Romy, Chair of the ESG Subcommittee of the SoftwareOne Board of Directors


Our accomplishments to date

The journey to sustainability will take years, and today’s accomplishments simply set the stage for the next steps. SoftwareOne is developing a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions roadmap that builds on this progress.

German, Austrian, and Swiss Carbon Emissions

For the past year, the DACH Green Team has been leading the way in calculating their CO2 emissions using software from Planetly. Having established their local carbon footprint to become carbon transparent, they look toward new initiatives on their journey to reduce carbon emissions.


One Tree Planted

We are beginning to support biodiversity and reforestation projects across all five continents. We planted over 3,000 trees by the end of 2022 — one for each new SoftwareOne Academy student and every new employee. Our employees have contributed over $4,000 US in donations to help us to begin to offset the CO2 we produce.


Construction industry efficiency

We are developing new solutions that drive efficiency in the construction industry, one of the most carbon-intensive in the world. A product of our partnership with Schneider Electric, RIB Software, and Microsoft, the MTWO Cloud solution allows customers to track CO2 emissions and efficiently organise and source work and materials to minimise environmental impacts.


Equity and inclusion

We believe we can all help build a more inclusive world that empowers everyone. For example, during Pride Month, International Women’s Day, Black History Month, and all year long, we spotlight the activities of SWOmies internationally to create awareness and support them.


Sustainability section of the 2021 Annual Report

Following the launch of a global Environmental, Social, and Governance program in 2021, SoftwareOne aims to play an even more significant part in improving society by reimagining SoftwareOne’s own practices and helping customers become more sustainable.

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