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Our Environmental, Social, and Governance direction

SoftwareOne is a global company that recognises our impact on the planet and the people in the communities where we work. Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey aims to transform our company. SoftwareOne takes responsibility for the carbon footprint of our everyday business activities within the global landscape of our operations. As a leader in the technology industry, we are committed to improving diversity within our workforce and senior leadership. The technology we sell and serve also requires that we act to protect the data and privacy of our customers. As we continue on this journey, we commit to regularly report our progress using science-based measurements.

We aspire to positive change

We are thrilled to present the latest update on our global strategy for our ESG  programme and celebrate the success of local initiatives and global roadmaps. SoftwareOne is committed to transformation not just for ourselves, but for our stakeholders (internal and external), and for a sustainable future – see our latest ESG Report.

Our ESG report outlines our 2030 ambitions, our governance structure and purpose of our programme, and sets out our overall strategy and initiatives across  all ESG topics.

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How are we achieving our ESG goals?

Today, our planet and our people are facing unprecedented risks due to climate change and this reality is of deep concern to all of us at SoftwareOne. We recognise the role we play in contributing to a sustainable future. We provide our employees and stakeholders with a culture that welcomes everyone into a safe and inclusive environment which empowers more creativity and innovation, leading to the best possible client focus and experience.

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    Giving back to our communities, promoting diversity, fostering an inclusive culture and equitable pay for all within SoftwareOne and our market is an essential goal of our ESG roadmap.

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    Reducing our global carbon emissions and helping our clients track and reduce their carbon footprints.

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    Establishing and maintaining best-in-class ethics, compliance, data privacy, and cybersecurity programs.

Gender pay gap report 2022

The SoftwareOne gender pay report provides a breakdown of the gender pay gap for SoftwareOne UK Limited, our only UK entity to employ more than 250 people.

SoftwareOne is working to close the gender pay gap and promote gender equality in the workplace. Our 2022 report provides transparent and comprehensive data on our efforts to ensure fair compensation and opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender.

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Our ESG Core commitments

Our ESG strategy is centered around five core commitments:

#1 Being climate responsible by measuring and reducing our global carbon footprint.

#2 Helping cut downstream emissions of our customers and partners by providing software and services that support their ESG journey.

#3 Promoting an inclusive, diverse, and caring space for all SoftwareOne employees.

#4 Supporting positive digital transformation of nonprofits and local communities through our SoftwareOne Impact programme.

#5 Furthering our corporate governance practices.

“SoftwareOne is mindful of its responsibility to the planet and communities we serve. We work to reduce our environmental impact, help customers cut their emissions, and improve our gender and ethnic diversity whilst applying best-in-class compliance practices and ethics in our business.”

– Isabelle Romy, Chair of the ESG Subcommittee of the SoftwareOne Board of Directors


Our accomplishments to date

The journey to sustainability will take time, and today’s accomplishments set the stage for the next steps.

Cloud Sustainability

Introducing Cloud Sustainability to reduce IT carbon emissions.

We partnered with climate experts to introduce SoftwareOne Cloud Sustainability. The system collects and reports greenhouse gas emissions associated with on-premises data centres, cloud infrastructure, and network services. It provides customers analytics and intelligence to support data-driven IT decisions that help reduce climate-warming emissions.


SoftwareOne Carbon Reduction Plan

SoftwareOne calculated our baseline carbon footprint in 2022, continuing this in 2023. Using this data, we developed our carbon reduction strategy, to achieve our 2030 ambition of reaching Net-zero for Scope 1 and 2. Our strategy focuses on creating green our offices, transitioning to renewable energy, replacing our fleet with EVs and reducing our global business travel.


DACH Green Team

The DACH Green Team lead the way in our global carbon footprint data collection. The DACH Green Team was also the first to implement local initiatives, such as car sharing schemes, discounts on travel, and providing EV and hybrid vehicles to employees. These initiatives were applied globally by our ESG team.


One Tree Planted

We are beginning to support biodiversity and reforestation projects across all five continents. Every year, we collaborate with One Tree Planted to plant a new tree for each new Academy student and every new employee.


ESG Report

Our annually published Environmental Social Governance Report sets out our vision for a more sustainable future and looks at the steps we are taking to make this a reality.

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