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Confidently Plan Your Move to AWS

Many companies are looking at public cloud to modernize their data platforms, build cloud-native applications and migrate their data and workloads to the cloud. A recent whitepaper by IDC has shown that customers who migrate to AWS can experience a 51% reduction in operational costs, a 62% increase in IT staff productivity and a 94% reduction in downtime. AWS and SoftwareONE are helping thousands of organizations successfully migrate significant workloads to the cloud and leverage the full benefits of AWS.

Remove Your Migration Barriers

Cloud has become the new normal as organizations of every size have realized the benefits of the cloud. It’s no longer about the question “if” but about “How fast can we move?” and “What are we moving first?”. As many companies rarely undergo migration events it is vital for companies to invest in an upfront pre-migration readiness assessment to plan, prepare and fully understand the technical dependencies and complexity of migrating their applications to the cloud. Migration can be a high-risk activity and we at SoftwareONE help you solve that.

Understanding cloud adoption challenges will unlock a successful migration:

Define a clear business case for cloud migration

Understand cloud security and compliance practices

Prepare risk mitigation and operational readiness strategies

By choosing AWS and SoftwareONE, you’ll gain access to the most innovative tools and services on the market, plus dedicated migration experts from SoftwareONE who are available at every step to help make your entire migration experience simple and secure.

Roundtable: AWS Migration Priorities in a Post-Pandemic World

After starting, or accelerating, your migration journey in 2020 at speed, how can you now best review your progress and define your next steps? Join the virtual SoftwareONE and AWS roundtable to learn how you speed up your migration engine to increase your business efficiency, reduce business risks and optimize costs to expand into new business growth areas.

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How SoftwareONE Has Your Back

Migrating to AWS can provide you with sustainable business advantages but you may need to supplement your team with specialized skills and migration experience to help you achieve those results. Our global AWS expert team work through a proven migration methodology to deliver your migration and modernization initiatives.

We help you to transform: As a certified AWS Migration Competency Consulting Partner we are your strategic business advisor to accelerate your cloud adoption journey while helping you reduce risk, increase agility, and improve security. Let us guide you on your journey to migrate and modernize both your applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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Helping You Achieve Your Desired Business Outcomes with AWS

In our experience, successful AWS migrations adopt a three-phase approach to help you develop, plan and execute your migration strategy. Once you understand your overall migration readiness we can help you define your application migration strategy and start your first migration project. Using repeatable processes and procedures we can support as your migration accelerates.

Understanding the three phases of successful migration:

Assess Mobilize Migrate & Modernize
Plan the start of your migration journey by understanding the readiness of your organization for cloud migration and identifying gaps in your organizational skills and processes. Clarify the desired business outcomes and develop the business case for migration. Complete application discovery and create a migration plan to deploy applications into your foundation AWS environment (the “Landing Zone”). Solve the gaps in your organization’s readiness by building a cloud operating model and developing cloud skills. Design, validate and migrate each application to AWS, re-factoring and re-platforming applications and constantly evolving towards a modern cloud operating model.

Prepare Your Migration to AWS

SoftwareONE recommends a Migration Readiness Assessment as the first step to gain a foundational understanding of your strengths and areas of support. Working with a certified AWS Consulting Partner can help you save valuable time and streamline your overall migration planning.

To achieve your migration the SoftwareONE AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) will identify capability gaps and recommendations to prepare for your migration. Our Migration Readiness Assessment is a free half-day workshop and invites a cross-functional group of key stakeholders from across your IT organization to build a common view of the current and future state. Our Assessment outcomes report provides a roadmap to a successful cloud migration.

How the MRA works Assessment Outcomes
  1. Schedule the Migration Readiness Assessment workshop with the required attendees.
  2. SoftwareONE lead discussions to build consensus on your current cloud readiness state.
  3. SoftwareONE analyze the data and create recommendations.
  4. Schedule a debrief to review outputs and agree next steps.
  • An understanding of where you are on your cloud journey
  • Identified areas of strength and weakness from a cloud-readiness perspective
  • Action plan to solve foundational issues using best practices
  • Alignment and consensus building within your team

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How we helped our customers migrate to AWS

Migrating SAP on AWS: How Visy Gained Agility & Accelerated Innovation

With a vision to drive more innovation, improve performance, while reducing costs, Visy decided to move to the cloud in 2017. This webinar will focus on the approach taken and the benefits realized since then.

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

Grupo Transocéanica’s container tracking system had limited function, it wasn’t scalable and was leading to complaints. We helped to develop a system that ran on AWS Cloud and transformed the business.


SoftwareONE Helps Hunter Modernize with AWS Lambda

Hunter’s vehicle tracking system was strained and outdated. With the help of SoftwareONE, Hunter implemented an AWS Lambda Cloud that reduced costs and increased uptime.


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