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Optimizing Your AWS Strategy

Moving workloads to the cloud provides your business with greater flexibility, efficiency, productivity, and scalability, as well as lower costs compared to traditional IT infrastructures. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure platform for cloud services that provides enhanced computing power, and increased database storage and functionality. Cloud environments such as AWS enable organizations – like yours – to seamlessly adapt to shifting market and consumer demands.

Are you ready for AWS?

The Challenges of Managing A Modern Cloud Infrastructure

80% of Enterprises struggle with Cloud Spend Management (Flexera)

56% of executives who think lack of IT resources hamper digital transformation (Payments Journal, 2019)

$ 14 Billion estimated wasted cloud spend in 2019 (

How to Master Your Migration to the Cloud

To maintain a competitive edge, many organizations seek to increase the scalability, flexibility, and accessibility of their networks. We are here to guide you on your way to understanding today’s various cloud offerings, while enabling a simplified, cost-effective transition to the cloud.

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SoftwareONE’s Simple for AWS Offerings 

Are you looking for an end-to-end cloud service with the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks? Then it’s time to think about the next steps and to choose the right platform to meet all your business needs. Our Simple for AWS offering is specifically tailored for customers who want to get their services migrated and added to the AWS Cloud environment.


Save time & money with professional advisory

Server Migration

Realize cloud values with minimized downtimes

SQL Migration

Reduce risk and save costs


Control and optimize your costs

All packs include 24x7 Cloud Support, PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management and a Service Success Manager. Furthermore, our Cloud Workload Security provides your organization with malware protection that not only scans for known malware, but also can detect unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.

Consolidate Your Billing & Free-up Time & Resources

AWS billing is one of the most complex parts of AWS. Consolidating and distributing AWS billing with global tax and generating multi account chargebacks is major pain point for our global customer base. Our service offering enables you to consolidate your billing into one master account and automate the new account creation process with an integrated change management system.

Simple for AWS accelerates the introduction and realization of AWS. With the help of our service offering you will easily understand and manage AWS via our unique Cloud Support, and automate and consolidate AWS Billing. Benefit from several values, such as:

  • Instant cost savings when you pay your AWS bill through us
  • Simplify charge backs and detailed invoicing
  • Enable discounts on AWS Support and Marketplace
  • Access to AWS costing management experts & tools

Realize the True Benefits of AWS

If you know AWS is the Cloud environment of your choice but you don’t know how to get there or you just want to leverage the power of your existing AWS environment then we are the right ones to speed up your business. We help you find answers to the business challenges you face with an AWS solution that brings together everything you need.

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Accelerate Your AWS Adoption

Simple for AWS include 24x7 AWS Business or Enterprise Support, PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management and a Service Success Manager. Furthermore, our Cloud Workload Security provides your organization with malware protection that not only scans for known malware, but also detects unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.

Secure Your Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments in AWS

Plan, configure, implement and support the security of the virtual servers within your AWS environment, including on-premises data centers.

Save Money with Smart AWS Contracts

Streamline your AWS costs: As part of the SoftwareONE Discount Program for AWS you can save up to 25% based on your annual cloud consumption.

Build a Secure Infrastructure for Your AWS Applications

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS we help you to build the infrastructure you really need through the structured AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Rely On The Global Expert

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) you have unparalleled innovation, global expansion and IT flexibility along with security, stability and reliability in the cloud. Let SoftwareONE support you with tailored services to help you understand, manage, and optimize your AWS environment!

Ease of Use

We work with you to ensure the strategy, design and migration plan of moving to AWS is simplified while realizing the full technical benefits.

Cloud Expertise

As an AWS preferred partner we own the subject and provide cloud advisory support aligned to meet your business needs.

Global Presence

We speak over 10 languages, but we’re all fluent in AWS. Every engineer is certified and can help your organization plan, build and run applications on AWS.

Trusted Advisor

We guide you on your AWS journey and also help you to fully understand the complexity of the AWS environment.

What Our Customers Say

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

Transoceanic Group’s container tracking system had limited function, it wasn’t scalable and was leading to complaints. We helped to develop a system that ran on AWS Cloud and transformed the business.


SoftwareONE Helps Hunter Modernize with AWS Lambda

Hunter’s vehicle tracking system was strained and outdated. With the help of SoftwareONE, Hunter implemented an AWS Lambda Cloud that reduced costs and increased uptime.


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SoftwareONE becomes AWS Migration Competency Partner

As one of the few global AWS Migration Consulting Partners we are your strategic business advisor to accelerate your cloud adoption journey while helping you reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security.

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