Empowering all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process

5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management

5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management

MTWO integrates the management of entire project lifecycle with 5D BIM (3D models + time  + cost ) in one platform. From planning, building to operating, MTWO supports project processing with consistent data models and comprehensive functions. It makes your project management more connected, visualized, and efficient.

Share single source of truth

Centralizing project life cycle management in one cloud helps eliminate info silos and keep teams on the same page

Optimize schedules and budgets

BIM models connected with time and cost data for project planning and execution allows you to optimize schedules and costs

Reduce risk and rework

Multi-stakeholders' early involvement to develop the solid plan and the 5D simulation helps to reduce risk and rework

Plan. Build. Operate.

Learn how MTWO can transform and future-ready Your Construction Business.

With deep industry know-how and innovation with 5D BIM (Building Information Modelling), BI (Business Intelligence), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cloud Technologies, MTWO connects all people, process and data in one place. The end result is streamlined workflow, better collaboration and higher productivity.

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