Case Study

A Successful SAP Cloud Transition Propels Business Strategy

Managed Services Excellence for SAP on Azure

The progressive CIO of a large industrial equipment supplier was confident that a cloud platform would satisfy vital operational and strategic SAP business requirements. Leveraging SoftwareONE’s S/4HANA Advisory as well as SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud Services, the company migrated its SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure. The move achieved new cloud expense transparency and promised 25% savings. Flexibility gains enabled commercial benefits through rapid testing and system improvements. The company's transition to SoftwareONE's Platform Managed Services brought peace of mind through a modern SAP environment based on a technical and service delivery foundation supporting its future SAP roadmap.

  • Customer: Industrial Equipment Supplier

  • Industry: Industrial Equipment

  • Services: SoftwareONE SAP Technology Advisory Services, SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud Services, SAP Platform Managed Services

About the Customer

A large industrial equipment supplier with several thousand employees, provides its customers with a wide range of machinery and construction equipment and comprehensive whole-of-life management solutions designed to make owning and operating equipment as easy, profitable, and safe as possible.

The Challenge

A wide range of this company’s industrial equipment and management solutions rely on strategic SAP functions that govern Finance, Payroll, Material/Inventory Management, Warehousing, Contract Management, and Procurement. However, a lack of transparency from its previous cloud service provider prevented direct evaluation of essential cloud elements such as VMs, storage, and financial components. Insufficient flexibility, combined with slow provisioning, did not fit fluid business requirements. Every interaction needed to start with a service ticket rather than a project conversation, and that meant opportunities lost from long lead times to provision changes or new services.

The Solution

The customer’s strategic business direction is designed to ensure that IT operations can readily leverage cloud capabilities. SoftwareONE assisted migrating SAP to Azure, providing critical planning and implementation services. New flexibility and responsive support help the business conduct rapid testing and provisioning for competitive advantage. Expense transparency allows for accurate tracking and adjustments to cloud consumption. Because the customer already had an Azure Data Lake, .NET applications, and PowerBI, the SAP move to Azure further optimizes its IT operations while improving commercial capabilities that enable growth.

Benefits & Outcome

  • Infrastructure and service provider cost reduction ~15-25%, including complete consumption and cost transparency
  • Accelerated innovation with system provisioning in ~1-2 days, down from weeks
  • An enhanced and cost-effective disaster recovery solution that decreases overall risk
  • A nimble service provider for reduced delivery times
  • Alignment with Customer’s Azure cloud adoption strategy
  • CAPEX moved to OPEX for more effortless scalability and improved financial control/ flexibility
  • Achievement of central objectives: transparency, flexibility, and speed
  • Proven technical resources with decades of Azure and SAP experience
  • A technical and service delivery foundation for its future SAP roadmap
  • Seamless transition to the SoftwareONE Managed Services support model

Platform Managed Services for SAP

SoftwareONE helps clients to manage their SAP solutions securely and efficiently in the Microsoft Azure and AWS Hyperscaler cloud by leveraging specialized tools, methodology, and best practices.


SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud

SoftwareONE accompanies customers on their journey to SAP on cloud. By leveraging certified and seasoned experts and a factory-based, automated SAP workload migration service, SoftwareONE reduces complexity and risk to lead to successful outcomes.


Optimize the use of SAP

SoftwareONE SAP Advisory Services enable organizations who already use SAP to understand the cost and value of moving to SAP S/4HANA on Hyperscaler cloud and to determine the best way to transform their enterprise.


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