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ZorgSpectrum empowers cloud cost control with FinOps

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Embarking on its Azure migration journey, nonprofit ZorgSpectrum was looking for ways to optimise its cloud usage and gain greater visibility into its cloud spend. Learn how SoftwareOne helped the healthcare organisation to implement a robust FinOps framework and reduce its cloud spend by 75 percent.

ZorgSpectrum is a healthcare organisation in the Netherlands that understands the challenges of living with chronic conditions that affect people’s daily lives. That’s why it offers support with compassion, expertise, and flexibility. Whether people need care at home or in one of its facilities, ZorgSpectrum’s team of over 1,800 professionals and 425 volunteers works with them to find the best solutions for their needs.

As a healthcare organisation, ZorgSpectrum also cares about its own efficiency and sustainability. That’s why it began to move its IT infrastructure and workloads to the Azure cloud, where it can access more features and insights to improve its services. To help it optimise its cloud usage and spending, it partnered with SoftwareOne, a leading provider of cloud financial management solutions. With their guidance, ZorgSpectrum was able to reduce its cloud spend by 75 percent, making the most of its cloud investment and focusing on its core mission: helping people live better with chronic conditions.

  • 75% savings 

    ZorgSpectrum reduced cloud spend by 75% through cost saving measures

  • FinOps tooling

    Operational efficiency and easy management of the cloud environment with SoftwareOne FinOps platform

  • FinOps maturity

    ZorgSpectrum looks with confidence at future migrations to the cloud

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FinOps (Cloud Financial Management)
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Enhancing cloud cost visibility at ZorgSpectrum

ZorgSpectrum embarked on its Azure migration journey with the goal of enhancing operational efficiency and performance. Although still in the early stages of adopting cloud services, the organisation planned to gradually shift more workloads to Azure. Simultaneously, ZorgSpectrum recognised the importance of gaining deeper insights into its Azure cloud usage and spending.

During the initial planning phase, led by ZorgSpectrum’s ICT Manager, Richard Peper, the organisation aligned departmental stakeholders to establish clear goals and accountability for cloud spending across business units. Seeking specialised expertise, ZorgSpectrum turned to SoftwareOne for support in implementing a robust FinOps framework.

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Implementing the FinOps framework

FinOps, also known as cloud financial management, relies on accurate and comprehensive data to inform cloud investment decisions that align with overall business needs. Properly integrated tools play a crucial role in providing organisations with the intelligence necessary to effectively control and optimise cloud costs.

SoftwareOne collaborated with ZorgSpectrum to create and implement a detailed FinOps framework. This also included the introduction of SoftwareOne’s FinOps platform. The framework offered clear visibility into cloud expenses, enabling efficient management of all cloud-related resources. By identifying inefficiencies, allocating costs accurately, optimising cloud usage, and making data-driven decisions, ZorgSpectrum achieved better control over its Azure spending.

Unlocking the power of FinOps with FinOps Discovery

SoftwareOne FinOps Discovery introduces organisations to the evolving discipline, tools, and projected savings reshaping cloud management. It brings all stakeholders to the table, explaining best practices and helping teams develop an actionable roadmap suited to their business needs and culture. The components of SoftwareOne’s FinOps Discovery Service for ZorgSpectrum included:

  • Diagnostics / maturity assessment: This step assessed ZorgSpectrum’s cloud journey progress and evaluated the maturity of existing systems. It provided insights into organisational strengths and weaknesses.
  • FinOps fundamentals workshop: ZorgSpectrum participants were introduced to best practices recommended by the FinOps Foundation. The workshop encouraged creative and innovative thinking about cloud usage strategies.
  • FinOps platform: SoftwareOne introduced ZorgSpectrum to SoftwareOne’s FinOps platform. Leveraging the FinOps Foundation-certified platform, ZorgSpectrum can efficiently track software and cloud expenditures while enhancing scalability, governance, compliance, connectivity, and security.
  • Azure cost management and pricing workshop: Equipped with essential knowledge, ZorgSpectrum now comprehends how to maximise its cloud investments. By diligently monitoring and optimising cloud spending, as well as allocating costs effectively, ZorgSpectrum ensures efficient resource utilisation within its Azure environment.

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Strengthening ZorgSpectrum’s FinOps foundation

The FinOps assessment and workshops not only empowered ZorgSpectrum’s stakeholders to implement a comprehensive FinOps framework but also yielded immediate cost-saving insights. For instance, it became evident that Azure optimisation opportunities were underutilised. Consequently, standardised resource allocation processes were put in place, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

The Azure cost management and pricing workshop provided clear guidelines for managing and controlling costs, resulting in immediate savings on ZorgSpectrum’s cloud expenses. Strategies such as reservations and Azure Hybrid Benefit — a licensing offer designed to support organisations migrating to Azure — have been key to achieving these cost reductions.

Finally, SoftwareOne’s expertise was instrumental in setting up and configuring their certified FinOps platform at ZorgSpectrum. The newly established end-to-end FinOps framework facilitates resource labelling, while management reports offer full visibility into spending — an essential factor in achieving substantial savings.

The SoftwareOne team played a pivotal role in establishing our robust FinOps foundation. They consolidated resource-related information, restructured setups, set up budgets, and optimised our entire cloud environment. Their highly focused support has significantly enhanced our efficiency in the cloud.

– Richard Peper, ICT Manager, ZorgSpectrum

Achievements: cost reduction and cloud optimisation

  • Significant cost reduction: ZorgSpectrum achieved an impressive 75 percent reduction in cloud spend by implementing targeted cost-saving measures.
  • Streamlined cloud environment management: With SoftwareOne’s FinOps platform, ZorgSpectrum now efficiently manages its cloud environment. Resource labelling, budget structuring, and optimisation have become more straightforward.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Leveraging SoftwareOne’s FinOps platform, ZorgSpectrum benefits from real-time data-driven recommendations for optimising resource utilisation. Management reports enable precise cost allocation to specific projects or teams, further enhancing cloud usage efficiency.
  • Preparing for future migrations with confidence: By building a strong FinOps foundation, ZorgSpectrum is now well prepared for upcoming cloud migrations. The organisation has gained clarity on the options available and achieved internal consensus on workload transitions to the cloud. In addition, ZorgSpectrum has effective strategies for managing the cloud spend related to new workloads within its cloud environment.

By the adopting of FinOps practices and leveraging SoftwareOne’s FinOps platform, ZorgSpectrum has achieved significant cost reductions, streamlined cloud spend management, and gained valuable insight into its cloud operations. With this newfound visibility and a fully optimised cloud environment, ZorgSpectrum is well prepared for upcoming cloud migrations. These migrations will drive operational efficiencies and further cost reductions, ultimately enabling the organisation to deliver essential care services to the vulnerable people it supports.


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