Getting Your Head in the Right Cloud

COVID Costs – Getting Your Head in the Right Cloud

Imagine being a part of an organization that holds a surplus of a budget that allows you to acquire and utilize all the software and tools to work efficiently and collaboratively. Now, imagine that same world; however, this one takes place in 2020.

It's no surprise that our current times are different for our customers – technology is changing rapidly and becoming more complex, in addition to the costs of services and software which continue to be on the rise year over year. We recognize the pattern of these challenges, and SoftwareONE has the skills and toolset to help.

Our customers are also faced with numerous other challenges that test their culture, ability to adapt, ability to transform, and ultimately, the ability to properly adhere to budget or expand outside of it to meet the organization's needs.

As we imagine the scenario above, what if we could also imagine a single platform that could give SoftwareONE customers a more transparent view of their entire cloud software spend? What if our team could tailor solutions to each challenge you're currently experiencing?

Challenge #1: Understanding What Makes up Your Cloud Budget and How PyraCloud Can Influence It

Let's start with a quick definition of PyraCloud – a platform designed with our customers in mind to transact software and manage cloud subscriptions in real-time and help our customers make informed business decisions.

This platform could be one of your 2020 budget solutions and beyond; let's talk about why. PyraCloud's Cloud Spend Management module will help organizations such as yours understand what cloud resources are being used and who is using them— which will directly impact the budget that is being developed. Furthermore, organizations will have transparency to govern, control costs, and optimize consumption by setting alerts within PyraCloud.

Challenge #2: Understanding Your Cloud Bills and How PyraCloud Can Alert You in Real-Time to Avoid Surprise Overages

Azure customers today face challenges of not knowing what is running and for how long. These challenges can cause hefty consumption bills and take away spending from technology that genuinely matters. Our alerts can inform you in real-time when you are approaching a spike in usage or reaching your allotted budget.

SoftwareONE wants to provide a full, long-term solution, not just a temporary fix. We want these solutions to encompass various audiences within your organization and provide tools to make your teamwork more collaborative and swift. Our PyraCloud platform can provide unique solutions to help our customers manage their budget, optimize costs, understand what is owned and why, and so much more.

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