Enhancing Employee Experience Through the Digital Workspace

Enhancing Employee Experience Through the Digital Workspace

Over the years, advancements in technology have changed the way we live and the way we work. From an overall perspective, this digital growth is positive as users now have the ability to engage with their devices in new ways that push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity.

However, from an employee perspective, user experience has become fragmented. Employees want to use new apps and devices, but don’t have the freedom or flexibility to do so at their jobs. In fact, Gartner did a survey with 3000 end users and only 24% of employees said their companies are giving them the tools they need to be successful. Additionally, the rise in remote work has created new challenges for companies and the access to technology they can securely provide.

As a result of a comprehensive security strategy, companies have a tendency to restrict and negatively impact the employee experience. This has resulted in a growing gap between employee expectations and what IT needs to maintain security. All in all, it is vitally important for companies that employee experience becomes a digital transformation priority.

Security and End User Computing in the Digital Workplace

From at home desktops and PCs to on the go smartphones and tablets, employees can now work from almost anywhere. With the rise of flexible work styles and more than 70% of employees working from home at least 1 day a week, companies are starting to re-think and shift their workplace policies. In addition to flexibility in their work styles, employees want to use the latest applications on the latest hardware devices.

When it comes to the consumer experience in the enterprise, 80% of employees say they prefer their personal computing experience over their enterprise. With the introduction of an enterprise app store, organizations can now take the best of consumer experience and apply that to the enterprise. Additionally, HR and upper level executives are looking at this as a way of increasing retention. 

While these offerings are exciting, they do become an immediate concern for company IT departments when they are used without permission. This lack of visibility and accountability increases complexity and presents more opportunities for cyber-threats. With IT already bogged down with time consuming manual tasks, it is near impossible to manage and mitigate risks on a company wide scale. But what if there was a way to give employees what they want and need while also ensuring security?

The Workspace ONE Experience

Workspace ONE, VMware’s digital workspace platform, has the ability to provide employees with easy, secure access to business applications while delivering zero trust security. This ensures industry-leading modern management of all devices and access management across all applications. This intelligence-driven platform can manage any device, including Windows, Mac, Android, etc., while ensuring that management is consistent. Its users are able to access any application that they’re entitled to on their devices and the ability to safely download new applications to productively do their jobs without having to contact IT.

Not only will Workspace ONE save time, it ensures that from day zero, employee devices are fully protected, ultimately enhancing the onboarding experience. Users will be given the same simple and secure experience when downloading apps on their Windows Machines that they have on their mobile devices. Additionally, all patches will occur automatically, so you’ll know your applications are always up to date. And when it comes to employee offboarding, it’s important to be able to wipe information without actually having the employee laptop or device in hand. Workspace ONE will ensure that your intellectual property is protected once the employee leaves.

The Path to a Better Workspace with VMware and SoftwareONE

Together in their partnership, VMware and SoftwareONE can bring your company’s digital workspace up to speed with the industry's first digital workspace platform, Workspace ONE. This offering comes as a digital workspace advisory engagement which will focus on Workspace ONE, as well as other digital workspace offerings. In the end, our goal is to match each client with the right solution.

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