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Introducing our

CSP Indirect Team and Program

Introducing SoftwareONE's CSP Indirect Team Program

As you may have heard about at Microsoft Inspire 2018, SoftwareONE was recently certified as a member of the CSP Indirect program. You can view the blog announcing this here and the full press release here. SoftwareONE has been focused on building out our ONEClub Indirect Cloud Solution Provider Program and ensuring we have the right team in place to best service our partners.

Currently we are authorized as a CSP Indirect Provider in the US, India, and EU-EFTA/Europe. We expect further global expansion in the coming months specifically in Brazil and other Latin American countries as well as various countries throughout Asia.

With our global footprint in 88 countries, we will continue to expand the CSP Indirect Cloud Solution Provider Program throughout the world in the coming months. Our dedicated team for the CSP Indirect initiative includes:

  • Myself – Paul O’Connor – Global Lead, CSP Indirect Program
  • Christopher Rozzi – Global Lead, CSP Indirect Go To Market
  • Stuart Meeks – Global Lead, Partner Marketplace Development
  • Neil Lomax – Global Executive Sponsors

Together the global and local team in India, the US, Europe and Latin America are here to assist our existing partners – be it ISVs, Hosting/SPLAs, or SIs to work through our marketplace experience and more efficiently serve their end-customers.

There are unique opportunities for each of the categories in our partner base to work with SoftwareONE through the CSP Indirect program – all resulting in a more streamlined and robust customer experience for our end users. For example:

  • System Integrator (SI) Partners – these partners will now be able to offer software and support to customers that they were not able to access in the past providing the partner with new sources of revenue and a differentiated value proposition
  • Hosters/SPLAs – the CSP Indirect program allows these partners to forego their existing infrastructures, which may not be viable long-term, and work through SoftwareONE and Microsoft to help the end-customers
  • ISVs – providing help with scale and reach; working with the SoftwareONE CSP Indirect team can help them get to market faster and at a greater scale ensuring faster returns for ISV startup stakeholders

If you are a partner that falls into one of the above categories and you are still unsure what benefits the SoftwareONE CSP Indirect brings to you we have outlined the key benefits here:

  • Licensing Knowledge & SAM Services – SoftwareONE has been doing this for a long time and we can go above and beyond in terms of licensing guidance and SAM expertise.
  • Azure Services – We help partners bring their solutions to Azure through dedicated Microsoft Advisory and Migration Services.
  • Authorizations – Whether it’s SPLA, EA, CSP, we have a broad range of Microsoft authorizations providing partners with an increased awareness of the licensing available to customers.
  • Global – Our footprint is nearly unmatched in the industry with 3,000 employees in 80+ locations and the ability to transact in various regions and currencies.
  • Cloud Support Team – SoftwareONE’s Cloud Support Team has in depth experience mitigating and managing Microsoft Online Services problems and requests.

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Paul O'Connor

Paul O'Connor

Channel as a Service Global Lead


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