Omnissa (formerly VMware End-User Computing)

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Omnissa (formerly VMware End-User Computing)

Broadcom will separate from the VMware End-User Computing business unit. The business unit will continue to operate as an independent company. The decision was based on Broadcom CEO Hock Tan's desire to focus more on the firm's core software infrastructure and semiconductor solutions businesses and to sell the EUC business. 

To facilitate this transition, Broadcom has secured KKR as an investment partner. KKR is a strong global partner whose goal is to realise the full potential of these technologies as an independent company. They have extensive strategic experience in growing companies globally. 

The firm has a reputation for being an active investor in the creation of world-leading technology companies. Its mission, particularly in the age of the modern digital workplace, is to create unique value for its customers and to become even more innovative and customer-focused. 

The transaction is expected to close later this year, subject to regulatory approvals. The current management team will continue to lead the EUC business. 

Regardless of these changes, we will continue to be your partner for technical consulting and licensing of EUC products. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the pricing and product portfolio for Horizon, Workspace ONE and App Volumes, which are part of VMware´s offering. 


VMware products in transition: current developments and recommendations

What will happen to Workstation/Fusion? 

Workstation Pro, Player and Fusion are products of the VMware Cloud Foundation division, which will remain with Broadcom. Other than the end of base support, there are no changes and they can still be ordered. 

What will happen to existing ELAs? 

We expect clarity on this in the coming weeks. There is currently no information on whether or how the contracts will be split. We will let you know as soon as we have more information! 

What will happen to vSphere for Desktop? 

The vSphere for Desktop edition will be discontinued on 11/12/2023 and can no longer be ordered. We recommend that you purchase the appropriate Horizon subscription, which includes the vSphere component directly: Horizon Standard Plus, Horizon Enterprise Plus, Horizon Universal. 

What are the next steps in the development of the EUC products? 

The EUC division has already presented a roadmap for the EUC products to selected partners, including SoftwareOne, as part of a roadmap meeting. It is very comprehensive and includes many improvements, features and enhancements that will make the products even better. Stagnation of the products is definitely not to be expected. 

VMware Horizon: Modern Desktop and Application Platform for the Hybrid Cloud 

VMware Horizon is an innovative solution for securely delivering virtual desktops and applications in the hybrid cloud. This platform provides the ability to completely modernise existing desktop virtualisation environments. 

See the benefits of VMware Horizon at a glance: 
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    Deliver and scale just-in-time

    A single control plane enables efficient provisioning and scaling of virtual desktops and applications across private and public clouds.

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    Simplicity and speed

    Instant Clone technology delivers personalised virtual desktops and applications with full functionality, saving time and money.

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    Secure end-to-end virtual workspace

    VMware Horizon provides secure delivery of virtual desktops and applications, protecting the network and datacentre. This is made possible by Intrinsic Security, which is seamlessly integrated into the VMware infrastructure.

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    Unified communications and collaboration

    Improve the user experience and increase productivity with enhanced audio and video support for platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco WebEx. Session collaboration allows multiple users to view and edit the same desktop in real time.

Workspace ONE: Modern Endpoint Management Made Easy 

VMware Workspace ONE is revolutionising endpoint management. This innovative solution not only provides an easy-to-use endpoint management interface, but also integrates identity management, application management and provisioning, and comprehensive security capabilities. The primary goal of Workspace ONE is to create a unified platform for managing and protecting endpoints. 

The benefits of Workspace ONE include:

Enhanced security and compliance

  • Add an extra layer of security with the implementation of multi-factor authentication.

Increased productivity

  • Increased mobility as work tools are accessible from almost anywhere.

Efficient administration

  • Workspace ONE enables centralised management of endpoints and applications.

Application Volumes: Modernising application delivery 

Application Volumes provides a contemporary solution for modernising traditional application delivery and the concept of apps on demand. 

Organisations around the world have used Application Volumes to streamline and modernise their Windows application delivery while increasing efficiency through automation. The reliable and modern app management platform gives IT teams the simplicity and efficiency they need to get the job done. 

See the benefits of Application Volumes at a glance: 
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    Reduce storage and management costs

    By managing applications efficiently, organisations can reduce their storage and management costs.

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    Rapid deployment and upgrades

    IT teams can deploy or upgrade applications in seconds, resulting in a more agile way of working.

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    Customisable desktops and flexible application usage

    Application Volumes enable fully customisable desktops and the installation of custom applications that can be used in different sessions. This gives users a flexible and tailored working environment.

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Optimise your End User Computing

Discover our extensive end-user computing expertise! Schedule a one-to-one meeting today and benefit from our world-class support and service.

Optimise your End User Computing

Discover our extensive end-user computing expertise! Schedule a one-to-one meeting today and benefit from our world-class support and service.