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BADER UKRAINE transforms their software inventory and management

BADER UKRAINE was challenged to establish control over the company’s use and licensing of software applications and to create a tighter system of governance. Outdated software versions and changes in vendor rules had resulted in confusion and lack of software license compliance. To simplify software management and optimize costs, SoftwareOne Ukraine was selected to provide extensive knowledge in Software Inventory and Management (SAM). The result is a new platform that provides BADER UKRAINE with the transparency, flexibility, and compliance controls to acquire and manage software at the best possible price, improving security, and enhancing IT resource efficiencies.

This enabled BADER UKRAINE to invest in other IT projects and to concentrate on their core business to satisfy their customers with highly innovative leather products for automotive seat covers.

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Portfolio Management Platform; Software Asset Management
SoftwareOne has helped us enormously in establishing and implementing long-term license management. In conjunction with our new OpenBook license agreement, we have a timely, effective, and transparent software management platform. We expect our collaboration with SoftwareOne Ukraine will continue to be a beneficial and trusted relationship.

Ostap Sokolovskii

About the client

BADER UKRAINE is a leading leather producer in the global automotive market. Quality and high standards are long-standing traditions for the BADER staff of 12,000 employees working at state-of-the-art facilities located on five continents. As many as 16,750 cattle hides are processed to automotive leather by BADER each day. Many leading manufacturers in the automotive industry rely upon BADER products. Their innovative ideas create designs, products, and processes where leather hides become automotive seat covers.

The challenge

Over time, BADER UKRAINE’s employees had implemented different versions of a range of software applications without a strong system of governance. Some versions were outdated and unsupported. Some vendors had modified or completely changed how licensing is treated, but BADER users had not maintained software license compliance. The widespread deviations caused confusion, disruptions of workflow, and an absence of cost controls. BADER’s software management goal became simplification of software inventory achievement of optimal software licensing with assured legal compliance. To simplify software management and optimize costs, they turned to SoftwareOne as a reliable partner. With extensive knowledge in Software Inventory and Management (SAM) and vendor licensing SoftwareOne helped Bader achieve their objectives.


The solution

BADER welcomed SoftwareOne consulting expertise in software inventory and licensing. They designed a Portfolio Management Platform project based on a formal Collection, Evaluation, and Planning Toolkit. After a detailed review of the existing environment, and a review of client objectives, a plan was developed. The plan proposed specific recommendations to resolve the current challenges while creating a system for successful ongoing controls. BADER UKRAINE implemented the SoftwareOne Portfolio Management Platform, and gained access to online services that keep track of all software changes and features. New software licensing is based on an OpenBook agreement with SoftwareOne Ukraine. The system provides BADER UKRAINE with the transparency and flexibility to acquire all needed software at the best possible price.

The result

  • Reduced security risks & full compliance: Constant transparency and control is established for all resources, including software distribution and software use. Created a flexible, reliable and expandable cloud-first model that supports deployment of new services
  • Increased productivity: Seamless and more productive work is enabled without disruptions or limitations due to malfunctioning or uncompliant software.
  • Expense management & cost savings: Software use and purchase on demand creates more efficient inventory management thanks to constant software overview.
  • Focus on core business: Expenses saved are redirected to business development and product innovations that grow their business and satisfy their customers.
  • Freed up IT resources: Constant and easy access to current information on all software status and compliance controls enables regular reporting and efficiencies. Administration overhead is reduced, and efforts IT staff have greater focus on core tasks and critical projects.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.