The Art of Partnering

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The Art of Partnering

The Art of Partnering

SoftwareONE is no stranger to the world of IT partnering. In fact, the global business was built through successful collaborations with manufacturers, solution providers, hosters, and many other technology-centric organizations. While not every partnership was deemed successful, there have been many that have stood the test of time. By leveraging decades of lessons learned, SoftwareONE stands above the rest in building productive partners ecosystems. Some might even say there’s an art to SoftwareONE’s successful partnering. In this blog, we will address three key questions:

  1. What makes SoftwareONE a partner-friendly organization?
  2. What benefits are partners receiving through SoftwareONE Partner Program?
  3. What type of partnership should my business consider with SoftwareONE?

Trust as the Foundation

Technology partner ecosystems are becoming more important than ever to deliver client solutions and a valued customer experience. The power of the ecosystem is that no single player needs to own or operate all components of the solution, and that the value the ecosystem generates is larger than the combined value each of the players could contribute individually. The ecosystem only works when each party agrees and executes on a high-degree of trust. SoftwareONE’s ONEClub channel partners are treated with the highest level of integrity, discipline, passion and trust. This has been the recipe for cultivating great partnerships with organizations of all sizes, types, and geographies.

Delivering Real Partner Value

In our recent eBook, Empowering High Performing Channel Partners, we highlight our partner methodology to delivering an exceptional partner experience. IDC predicts that over 50% of partner to partner collaborations fail due to a lack of comprehensive stakeholder-management roles in place. The SoftwareONE Partner Value method provides structure, discipline and accountability to the partnership. From setting objectives to enabling the partnership to assessing partner health, ONEClub aims for a mutually beneficial partnership with great customer outcomes.

Flexible and Scalable Partnering Models

We recognize that all partners are unique. Collaborating with an niche ISV can look very different than a sub-contracting partnership with a large solution provider. While the partnership principles always remain, SoftwareONE supports flexible and scalable models that align to the partner‘s objectives. Today, SoftwareONE supports the Microsoft CSP Indirect model, SPLA/Hosting practice from various publishers, ISV accelerator program, and sub-contracting agreements. ONEClub partners leverage our technical, commercial and governance services to extend to their clients or directly transform their respective business. Either way, a partnership with SoftwareONE provides the knowledge, systems, automation, and support to drive growth and innovation.

In summary, We recognize you have many options to align your business with other providers. However, our promise is to deliver the best partner experience to help you achieve growth and bring innovation to your business.

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Paul O'Connor

Paul O'Connor

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